On this day, Tami was brought to the service reform team meeting with Min-Hong-Ju (Gwonhae Hyo), who is the representative. When he received a call from Park Morgan (long-term use), he told Tommy to call him to his seat, if not inconvenient. The three men gathered together and met with obstacles during a conversation with Hongju. Tommy and Morgan have a different answer to the question of how they think about marriage.

Tommy informed Morgan that he had time to think that it was hard to start an ending love affair, and a red light appeared on the couple’s love front. Tommy went to Morgan and said, “I already see our end. You know. Ela, I do not know. I can not be done as it should. I “,” It is a very important time for you to dream of marriage. Do not waste that important time with someone who can not make any dreams come true. ”

After that, Tommy was reunited with Morgan who came to his house, and he came back to the house with his first meeting places, such as going to the recreation room and a bar together with him. When I arrived at Tommy’s house, Morgan said, “Was it easy for me to have fun and have a drink and take me home like this on the day I first met?” He stood in the same place for a long time with the emotions he was going through, and ran toward Morgan as soon as he was determined. The two encountered each other, confirming each other’s hearts and giving a hot ending.

Lim Su – jung shows the end of professionalism in work, but delicately depicts the fearful battamie in love and buys sympathy for viewers.

He tries to maintain reason in age, marriage and other realistic love affairs, but sometimes he can not hide his favorite emotions, reveals loopholes, and adds charm to characters with humanistic features. The Lim is expected to draw more gather in my pace of attractive Tommy times. The ‘Enter a search term WWW’ will be broadcast on Thursday, 9:30 pm every week.

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