Lim Soo Jung – Jeon Hye Jin – There are a lot of viewers who ask why the long – But there is a clear reason for existence. It is because the long-term use promotes the personal growth of Lim Soo Jung.

WWE ‘(Written by Kwon Doo-Eun / Jung Ji-Hyun, Kwon Young-il) In the 9th episode, the appearance of Bae Tmami (Lim Soo Jung) and Park Morgan It was drawn.

Despite being in a socially successful position, Battamis is always living in anxiety and agitation. Why? I was in a personality deficit.

Batami pursued a threatening way of holding his opponent’s weakness in his hand. “I do not have a lot of room for it, but my belief is wrong.” It was an unfair way to blow a blow, “I do not have the means to defend justice.” Battamim was stuck with success and lived a life of urgency in survival while forgetting morality.

In BaTamy ‘s personal history, a personal deficiency was revealed. When I had a hard time, I was exhausted by the way I was alone. When Baetamy took the first place in the real time query by manipulating Song Gaekyung (Jeon Hye Jin) and husband Oh Jin-woo (Ji Seung Hyun), Baeta Mee tried to endure all the bumps alone. TF team members and Park Morgan were hurt by feeling completely rejected by Battami.

Park Morgan played a role in fulfilling his personal deficits by keeping his side. Park Morgan refused to work for Parachute, which he had arranged. Park Morgan criticized Baathamie, who emphasized the importance of fierce survival, saying, “I can succeed even if I do not take another seat.” Bhattami reflected on himself at the first step of Park, and was embarrassed.

Every time the accident happened, Park Morgan went to Baathami to hide himself as a hideout. Park Morgan persuaded him to “expect it when it is hard.” Whenever there was a crisis, he built a strong wall around him and hid him. Battamini broke down the walls himself with Park Morgan, and he learned how to lean on the people around him and break through the crisis together. I am young, but I think that the presence of Park, who grows bamboo tea, stands out.

In addition to the growing episode of Bae Tommy-Pak Morgan couples, gender reverse love is another WWW watch point. Unlike previous romance narratives, enter ‘Enter search terms WWW’ in the Park Morgan is 10 years younger and younger than Bae Tammy. Also, when Batman is trying to solve an affair with so much wealth and money, Park Morgan tries to justice and solve positive energy like candy. Two romantic stories completely reversing the existing romance narrative sex role gives the audience a fresh smile.

The unique and heartbreaking romance narrator of Battamy – Park Morgan couples is a pore in the Warman ‘s narrative full of tension in Battamy – Chunhyun – Songgyeong. When the two narratives go back and forth, “Enter a search query WWW” can be more pleasant and urgent. The growth of personal growth of Bae Tami who grew up with a growth promoter named Park Morgan will attract attention to what kind of change will be given to the “WWW” narrative in the future.

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