On the afternoon of the afternoon, TVN broadcasted a new tree drama ‘Enter your search WWW’ (‘Gobbleu’), the head of Unicorn Service Strategy Division, Batami (Lim Soo Jung)

At this point, Battamy acknowledged unicorn’s real-time query manipulation and claimed it was for public interest. Especially, one of the members raised a suspicion about prostitution of minors.

Battamis took control of the hearing. “The truth is not the black truth that you see, but the truth is the fingers of those who sat in front of the keyboard.” The most common words I deleted in the last decade are sex, pornography, 19 gold, exposure, pornography sites “If the deletion for the public interest is manipulation, we manipulate it.”

He said, “We can remove the victim, minors, and prostitution, but it is true.”

“I caught sight of the circumstance in which I attempted sex trafficking for minors 11 years ago when I was a ward leader,” said Battamy. I know that the lieutenant Sang-tae is dedicated to the hearing.

When the hearing was broadcasted live, real-time search words appeared. “This is the Internet,” Battama said.

After completing the hearing, Bata Mizu boarded the car of Chung Hyun (Lee Hee-min), head of the social division. “I will help you, I will give you an example,” he said with confidence. Both saw the Internet autonomous policy conference. Chihyeon said, “No matter how you ride a competitor’s car, is not it?”

“I will not do it until I go crazy, so what should I do now?” I pray to sit down trying to commit suicide on the Han River. Battamy ‘s name appeared in the sketch and he was noticed wherever he went.

On the same day, Bashami and Jungrim sound representative Park Morgan (long-term use) have begun. The two had their first meeting in the recreation room. Those who moved in the game had a consensus with music and spent one night.

Battami and Park Morgan met again at Unicorn. Batman entered the game division meeting, and Park Morgan attended the meeting as a representative of the jungle sound. Subsequently, Bata Mimi put lipstick marks on his shirt. “I like to kiss every time I meet,” Park Morgan said, joking and touching his lips.

Batman asked, “How old are you?”, And Park Morgan smiled, “I’m not a minor.” The company is also attracting attention to what kind of relationship the two will face in the future.

On the other hand, “Goble Yoo” is a drama about the real romance of the men who shake their hearts and women who work in a prestigious portal site leading to the trend. It is broadcasted every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:30 pm.

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