On the afternoon of the 5th, tvN new drama ‘Enter your search WWW’ (Kwon Doo Eun, Jung Ji Hyun, Kwon Young Il, Produced by Andam Pictures,

“Goble Bay” is a portal site unicorn that leads the trends, real romance of men who work with dignity and men shaking their hearts in it.

After the election, Baetamy (Lim Soo Jung), general manager of the portal site, went to the game room alone and played a game of iron fist.

He did not look at his opponent, but in the next game he was sad and suggested “Let’s play.”

Then, Park Morgan (long-term person) said, “Next, tomorrow will win” and “How can I win?” After playing another game, Battamis drank with Park Morgan who is waiting for him.

The two of them seemed overwhelmed by each other and eventually spent the night together.

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