On that day, Hamjin’s parents-in-law exploded at Mapa’s ugly words. Papa recommended alcohol with a late night snack to relieve her, but Mama was still blunt. He even embarrassed Papa by asking about dusk divorce. Papa wrote, “Stop talking.”

The next morning Mama’s angry breakfast was prepared. Mama had a huge diet, and Papa tried to free her to compliment her.

Mama and Papa visited Korea to meet Hamjin. At the airport, fans cheered for their parents, and Ham So-won proved to be “more popular than us.”

Arriving at home, his parents-in-law presented the clothes and shoes they had prepared for her granddaughter Hye-jung as a competition. The surprise, complete with red blankets and nuts in the balloon, surprised Hamjin and pushed him into the room saying, “Now, don’t come out.”

The dinner was finished in a friendly atmosphere, but the bombing declaration continued. Mama, “I want to live with you,” he proposed to join. The embarrassment of Mama’s suggestion was the same with Papa who did not hear the story. Ham So-won said, “I’m so excited to live with my mother.” He reacted mechanically, while evolution was “full.”

After the silence, Mama finally said, “I’m kidding.” But when he was alone with evolution, he once again conveyed the desire to live with him.

Meanwhile, model Hye-bak first appeared in his wife’s taste and showed the daily life of the 11-year Seattle couple. Hye-bak unveiled a house with a neat interior from the clothes room that realized the women’s romance, and revealed the reason why he had to stay in shape as a top model through a healthy breakfast and constant exercise.

In addition, Hye-bak, who had a family date with a regular restaurant after a long time, cried out to tears and wondered how she got this angel.

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