The protagonists of the 9.4 million hit movie ‘Exit’ heated up the Busan International Film Festival. They thanked the many audiences who loved ‘Exit’ again.

On the afternoon of the 4th, Busan’s Haeundae-gu Udong Film Center opened the movie ‘Exit’ (Director Lee Sang-geun). On this day, director Lee Sang-keun and Jung Joo-seok Lim Yoon-a attended to talk deeply about ‘Exit’.

On that day, Lim Yoon-a said, “I visited Busan as the opening ceremony of the last year’s Pusan ​​International Film Festival.” He also said, “If you come to Busan, you will enjoy a lot of delicious food and drink a lot,” he said. “It seems like I can always have fun and go there.

Yim Yoon-ah attracted attention by saying that ‘Exit’ was the starting point to announce the movie ‘Im Yoon Ah’. He said, “The first star in a movie has become ‘Exit.'” “I feel so good that you loved me so much.

When asked about the reactions of the most memorable audience, Jo Jung-seok replied, “The most pleasant thing is when people tell you that the movie was so fun.” “I came to Busan International in 4 years and met the audience, and it was great when you told me that you congratulated me. It was the best word I’ve ever heard.”

Jo Jung-seok vividly shared his mother’s reaction to the movie and laughed. He said, “My mother is a type that makes people hard to watch when watching movies. He is a ‘mother’ who has empathy,” he said. “We’re crying because we’re going to fall.”

They also talked about the confidence they felt while filming. Jo Jung-seok said, “When I was filming, I was always a part of a certain connection,” he said. “There were many times when I was amazed at how well I acted. The obstacles were too good and my nerves were good friends. I went a step further and danced well.

Jo Jung-seok said, “When I jumped in the movie, the height was about 13m. It was a set, but it was high. I was really scared. I saw Yoon Ah’s eyes, and she was ready to jump out and jumped out with courage.

Lim Yuna responded, “I didn’t know that I had this feeling. In addition, he said, “Jeong-seok’s brother and faith seemed to be the most important, and because it was there, I was able to jump or run,” he said. “I really made a lot of will. That will be a great factor. The word will comes to mind. “

I could hear about the future preparedness of the two actors. Yuna said, ‘Exit’ seems to have made me strong and strong. Since I could harden the start, I think I will have the power to do it with confidence and enjoy myself in showing new and various images. ” “I don’t have a specific next work, but I think ‘Exit’ will be a new start.”

Yoon Ah said, ‘Exit’ was so loved by more than 9 million viewers, but it’s not a work that broke 10 million, but I’m grateful because I think it’s a 9 million perfect work. ”“ I feel this happiness for the first time. If you support me a lot and watch me, I think I can go to the strong point. “

Jo Jung-seok said, “I’m grateful for being so much loved through ‘Exit’. Personally, I want to be an actor with a lot of use.” “I don’t know how much talent I have, but I hope to have fun and hope for many people. It is a constant goal to convey the message of ‘I will try to be a good actor who can greet many people with good works on screen, CRT, stage, etc. The next work is’ Sage Doctor’s Life’. I will try to hope. “

There was also a story about ‘Exit 2.’ Director Lee Sang-keun remarked, “At the time of pre-production, I talked about Busan. I had a lot of skyscrapers and many features of Busan, so I talked about it.” If you’re going to follow-up, you’ve seen a lot of topography in part 1, but in part 2 you’re going to be applauded by a new approach that can show you a new way of survival. “

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