On the 5th, Channel A ‘Eye Contact’, Lee Sang-min, Kang Ho-dong, and Shin Dong appeared in MC and had time to listen to the story of the performer who would make eye contact.

On this day, Sangmin said to Ganghodong, “Do you think that your eyes are important in wrestling?”

Kang Ho-dong reminded me of his first confrontation with Lee Man-gi on July 11, 1989, saying, “It is important to suppress the baseline.”

Kang Ho-dong said, “I was so nervous then, I felt like a heartbeat to my ears.” However, he said, “I am not a top scary player in the third year of high school. I am a first year student in high school who has no information.”

Gang Ho-dong said, “I felt like a player more like me than a player who had stuck a lot of times. At first it looked like a mountain, but later it looked small.”

In the question of the prodigy, “Who is the man who overpowered this period?” Kang Ho-dong shouted “Nayana” of Producer 101 Season 2 and announced that he had overthrown Lee Byung-ki.

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