In the TVN and XtvN entertainment program ‘Love Sing’, which aired on the afternoon of 11th, Park Jin-ah, who was chosen by two men, was revealed.

In the broadcast day bakjinah had Selecting the ‘See you on Friday, “IU. Park Jin-ah continued the song carefully.

Especially, Park Jin-ah, who had seen her existing partner Ha Dong-yeon who had a date with Park Ye-ni, was somewhat embarrassed.

Herman suddenly came on this occasion. Herman threw a stone fastball to Park Jin-ah, “I want to go to the end,” and Park Jin-ah’s mind was shaken.

So Park Jin-a questioned Ha Dong-yeon’s choice. He said, “I did not know Ha Dong-yeon will come out.”

Ha Dong-yeon confessed again, “It wasn’t because of the charm. I only saw this person.”

Afterwards, Sung Si Kyung said, “Mr. Jina seems to fit more with Herman,” but Park’s choice was Ha Dong-yeon.

Park Jin-ah said, “My brother is a very good person, but expressing actively was a burden.”

Park Jin-ah expressed affection for Ha Dong-yeon, “I’m frustrated, but I think I’ll be able to quit.”

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