On the 29th, JTBC ‘Chosun Hondam Workshop Flower Padang’ aired on the 29th, Gadung (Gong Seung-yeon) refused Mahun (Kim Min-jae) and went to the palace.

The dog shit was worried about the proposal sent by Mahun. Dogshit couldn’t read the words in Mahun’s proposal. Instead, I read the Flower of Annals of Mahoon. The dog shit read taboo fifteen. Chapter 15 states that hawks should not have private feelings for the client’s mate.

Mahun freed his dog’s brother-in-law’s river. Mahun ripped the river’s novi document in front of the dog shit. The dog shed tears rejoicing that the river was free. “You are free now,” Mahun said. “If you want, you can go to the house or not, you can live as Yoon Soo-yeon or as a dog shit. “You can go wherever you want.” 

The dog shit felt bad to Mahun saying that he can go anywhere. The dog shit replied, “Maepa will be cool now.” Mahun also did not hide the sadness. 

The dog shit learned from Ko Young-soo (Park Ji-hoon) that the letters sent by Mahun were eager to love. Yeongsu told the dog-shit not to go to the heavy pit. Dog shit ran out of mahun and flower pad. The dog shit took the drink, telling Mahun that he had left it. The dog shit in front of the mahun “What kind of spirit does not have the spirit of challenge,” he said, “I’m not free body now.” Mahun suggested holding the dog’s hand and drinking together.

Ajae asked the dog shit to go to heavy warfare for flower paddock. Ajay warned, “I walked everything to be by your side,” and “if you do not go, many people’s lives are in danger.”

The dog shit wore pretty clothes and went on a date with Mahun. Mahon and Gadung had a good time sharing the memories of the past on the beach. Mahun gave a bracelet to the dog shit, “I can go anywhere, but shouldn’t I be next to me?” 

Young-su was threatened constantly by Kang Mong-gu (Jeong Jae-sung), who ordered Young-soo to visit the dog’s brother. Yeongsu was the old name of a seven-something. However, Young-soo failed to endure his life. In a situation where he had to cut the neck of a sinner, Young-soo committed a murder by cutting a soldier, not a prisoner.

The dog shit chose not heavy machin. The dog shit left with a bracelet that Mahun gave. The dog shit says, “I leave my heart with Maepa here.” “If you have the next chance, I want to be with Maepa.” The dog shit turned away from Mahoon to see him and rode to the palace.

Mahun caught the dog shit. But the dog shit cried and scattered mahun. The dog shit said, “No matter how the son of the video game only king,” he said “send me.” Mahun said sadly, “Don’t go, dear dog.” Dog shit and mahun were crying and saying goodbye.

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