Mahun (Kim Min-jae) and Isu (Seo Ji-hoon) have a nerve battle with Gadung (Kong Seung-yeon) on JTBC’s Chosun Hondam Workshop, which was broadcast on the 29th.

On this day, Isu (seo jihoon) and mahun (kim minjae) had a nerve war with dog shit. The dog shit said, “I’m sorry I couldn’t keep it until the end of the agreement to marry you. But I can’t come to you. I wasn’t going to be the one to go to you. Now this marriage is over.”

Upon hearing this, Isu showed tears and told Mahun, “Thank you for helping me find the number. Thanks to my brother, I found my number. I will return to my place.” “I don’t know where to go. But neither of them seems to be my place.

Isu and the remaining Mahun asked me to release the dog shit, but Isu refused, “I will not hear anything. I will protect the dog shit.

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