On the 8th afternoon, JTBC’s Wolhwa Drama ‘Chosun Happiness Workshop Flower Paddang’ (played by Kim Lee-rang, director Kim Garram, produced by JP E & M Blossom Story) is attracted to Mahun (Kim Min-jae) even after meeting Lee Soo (Kim Min-jae). A picture of a dog shit (Gong Seung-yeon) who understands emotions is depicted.

On this day, the dog shit made fun of Mahun with the liquor he received from his eldest daughter (Im Ji-eun). A cup of sake was handed to Mahun. Mahoon drank his teeth and began to hiccup. He said, “Make me surprised” to stop hiccups, but then Go Young-soo (Park Ji-hoon) came into the library with two people.

Dog shit and mahun quickly hid in the corner. Ko Young-soo listened to Mahun’s accidental hiccups and said, “Who are you?” And the dog shit scooped up his lips to block Mahun’s mouth.

After Ko Young-soo left, Mahun couldn’t calm down and surprised by what he said. The dog shit also said with an open face, “I told you to stop. I didn’t think how to surprise.” Mahun said to himself, “I have no fear. I have no heart.”

The same was true of the dog shit. The dog shit came into the room, hitting with his hands, did not know what to do. She looked at the hairpin Isu gave earlier and said, “Soo, it’s weird if I want to be married to you right now? I’m bad?”

The dog shit finally confessed to her eldest daughter, pretending to be a customer’s concern. In response to this, “My heart tells me the answer, but I do not know the answer, but a foolish woman,” he advised, “Then I am sick like me.”

The dog shit reunited with Lee Soo on this day and said, “I found the number I’ve been waiting for, but I’m not happy.” After the kiss with Mahun, the image of confused dog shit continued to be remembered in his head, indicating a change in the love front.

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