Mahun (Kim Min-jae) meets Gadung (Kong Seung-yeon) on JTBC’s Chosun Hondam Workshop, Flower Padang, broadcast on the 29th.

On this day, Mahun was informed that Kang Ji-hwa (Go Won-hee) sold his nobby dog-shit-lovera-gang (Jang Yu-sang). The dog shit came to see his brother in front of his house and hugged him with tears. 

The dog shit tried to take him to the river saying, “It’s great if you know what’s going on here,” but he ran away. Mahun said, “You don’t have to. Now your brother is free. Literally it’s not a nobi. Kang Nan sold his brother after the second house, and came back.”

“You’re free, you’re free. You can go to the house or not, if you want, you can live as Yun-yeon or you can live as a dog-shit. You can go to him or stay in the flower garden. No more being chased by someone or looking for someone. You can go anywhere you want. ”The dog shit was confused.

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