In the KBS2 drama “People’s Fellows!” Broadcasted on the 1st night, Kim Min-jung, who was searching for a cheater Choi Si-won, was portrayed.

Yang Jung-guk (Choi Si Won) succeeded in making a tang of fraud to Park Sang-pil, a lender, but he was betrayed by his girlfriend to marry. At that time, I met with police Kim Mi-young (Yu-young) and two people got married.

Kim Mi-young confessed to Yang Jung-kuk, “I am a police officer,” as she heads to her honeymoon. Jeong, who was a cheater, was amazed, “Why do you talk about it now?” Mi-young said, “I do not want you to hate me,” but the government said, “How can you talk while you are on a honeymoon?”

“I do not have to worry about it,” she said, “but I do not think it’s dangerous.

And two years later, somehow married life seems to be dull. The police said, “If you do not get caught by the police, then the fraudster is the best job.” The police did not catch him, but he was caught by the police.

“It was so beautiful to sleep once, so I tried to touch her face, but I was surprised,” said Mi Young, a police officer at the police station. In addition, MiYoung returned to the scene without her husband. However, when asked about the divorce, she said, “Please divorce me.

Mi Yeong became the head of Intelligence Crime Investigation Team. He went to get the criminals involved in real estate fraud, and they were not just the gangs of the state.

Park Sang – pil ‘s daughter Pak Ho – ja (Kim Min – jeong) sought the party of Yang Jeong – guk. Pakuja said, “Where is my father’s fraudulent person, like your father three years ago?”

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