Jeong Jin-woon stepped into the 10th stage but was unfortunately disappeared.

In MBC Everlon ‘Foreigners for Korea’ broadcasted on February 27, singers Jeong Jin-woon, actor Hwang Seok-jung and comedian Jisang Ryul appeared and solved the quiz.

On that day, Chung Jin-un reported news of his enlistment on March 4th. Jeong Jin-woon said, “I think it would be good if I go to the tenth step and salute the majors.” After hearing that MC Kim Yong-man heard that he is in basketball nowadays, Jeong Jin-woon said, “Recently, I went to overseas because of basketball. I have been playing. ”

When Jeong Jin-un wants to get a tip before going to the army, Kim Yong-man said, “I am from the Navy and I need to get to know the salute relief at the time of the soldier.” Kim Yong-man said, “It seems that the military is tight.”

Hwang Sukjung said, “I live in Korea but I am lonely and lonely. I am a foreigner. Adaptation is not good. I think I will be able to adapt to that place. ” When Park asked me what kind of musical instruments he handled, he said, “I drank a lot of alcohol.” He joked, “I play people well.” Andreas said that he had seen the performances of Hwang Suk Jung in the past, and Hwang Suk-jung said, “I do not remember fans well, but Andreas remembers. I like the name. I think we will do well. ” And Andreas laughed, “I will pledge to the next life.”

Jeong Jin-woon came out as the first challenger. On March 4, Jeong Jin-woon, who was in the military service, saluted himself and revealed his ambition to win. Jeong Jin-un, who had solved the ‘frame quiz’, lightly hit the correct answer ‘Rainbow’, and then unfolded it without any difficulty until the second stage ‘rabbit’, the third stage movie ‘Old Boy’ and the fourth stage ‘shattered’.

Jeong Jin-woon, who met Lucky in Step 7, gave up Lucky when he got the problem of connecting the words before and after. However, he got the chance to go to the 8th stage. Jeong Jin-woon stepped into the ninth stage with “Sam-han Sami,” the new phrase “3 days is cold and 4 days is fine dust.” In the ninth stage, Jeong Jin-woon crossed the power house Eva, meeting the ancient country ‘Gaiya’, which produced iron. Jeong Jin-woon said, “I seem to be using all my fortune before going to the army.”

Jeong Jin-woon met Roy Alok, Professor of Busan University of Foreign Studies, who was the strongest student in 40 years in Korea in the 10th stage. In the last quiz, there was a problem to meet four places, and Roy Alloy Gwanghwamun, Myeongdong Cathedral, Cheomseongdae, and Yongdusan top exactly hit, so Jeong Jin-un was unfortunately defeated.

On the other hand, Ji Sang-ryul was unable to pronounce five Korean foods that ended in steam in stage 1, but lost to Angelina because she could not pronounce “glutinous rice in the countryside glutinous rice glutinous rice”. Angelina last week followed the pronunciation problem and became a ‘beautiful pronunciation’.

Han Hyun-min challenged the lead quiz. Han Hyun-min, who passed lightly through step 1, was surprised when she came out with a hint of “one day” in the second stage, and answered “breakfast lunch, dinner” in one second. However, in Step 3, when the proverbial quiz “ㄱ 에서 난 Nanda” came out, Andreas first got out of the stream and was knocked out.

Park challenged horse quizzes. Park Myung-soo struggled because he could not match the candle which means sour taste in the first stage. However, fortunately, I entered the second stage through the hint and caught the adverbial phrase “really”. In the third stage, the ‘fashionistas’ came out. Park Myeong-soo, who was struggling with a difficult problem, came up with a ‘dresser’ when a definite hint came out. When Step 4 came up with a question about the meaning of the coined word ‘half-moon’, Moeka was hit by ‘half-moon mode’.

Finally, Hwang Suk Jung challenged the common sense quiz. Hwang Suk-jeong said, “I do not have common sense.” In the first stage quiz, Hwang Suk – Jung easily met ‘liver and gallbladder’. After that, it is called “Meju”, which is made by boiling 2 stages of soybean, “Halla Mountain”, which is designated as a national park in the 3rd stage in 2020, “100 won taxi” I installed the ‘Newspaper’ which I installed to solve it, and it hit me without an error. In the seventh stage, the problem of fitting the leg of the Han River free standard came out, and Lucky first hit ‘Hangang Bridge’.

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