On the 5th, MBC Everyone Entertainment Program ‘City Police KCSI’ depicts Cho Jae-yun, Kim Min-jae, Cheon Jung-myung, and Lee Tae-hwan, despite being the first day of work.

On that day, Cho Jae-yun and Lee Tae-hwan were put into the roadside case, and Cheon Jung-myung and Kim Min-jae were put into the voice phishing case. At the end of the bend, the first dispatch was finished, and the four men returned to the office with a relaxed face, putting down heavy responsibility.

But the difficulties of the four did not end. I had to write a result report for the site dispatch. Chun suffered from a failure to properly grasp the record of the detective, who had written in somewhat free handwriting. Kim Minjae encouraged Cheon Jeong Myung, saying, “Let’s write something that can be recognized once.”

Soon it was time for the evening session and a time to listen to the testimony of the new detectives. Jae-yoon Cho said, “It was the first time I was born. I’m tired now and I want to sleep right away. ” Jo Jae-yun’s candid testimony, the other three were very sympathetic and burst into laughter.

“I thought the physical fatigue would be strong, but the mental pain is so great that it makes the body hard. I think my biggest homework is how to deal with this situation in the future. ”

On the first day of work, the duty was decided by Lee Young-hwan, the youngest, and then they went to dinner together. The team leader said, “Today I boasted. (Four people) worked harder and calmer than I thought, ”he admitted.

The detective who was on the scene also said, “When I see adaptation, I don’t feel like I came with a simple heart. I came to the scene one step further and saw that. So I think we’ll be at ease within the timeframe. ”

Lee Tae-hwan expressed his passion and vowed to do his best in the future. In the praise and encouragement of the seniors, the four men finished their first day of good work.

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