Will this be entertainment? Kim Tae-ho, who had a short break after <Infinity Challenge>, came back with items that didn’t seem to be easily performing. After passing the initiative of the camera from the crew to the performers, <What do you play?> Watching the scene, or <Funding> which has attracted crowdfunding’s storytelling into the grammar of the arts, can only respond differently to each item. It is After the overwhelming success of <Infinite Challenge>, Kim Tae-ho, who showed the boldness of showing two of the most experimental forms of art, MBC who moved it forward to the weekend prime-time entertainment, and other critics, had no choice.

While <What do you do when you play?> Began to take the place with ‘U-Flash’ gradually, while <Funding> together with the ‘Taegeuk flagship project’ during the Independence Day and Japan’s economic retaliation measures, Departed. Apart from the numerical audience ratings, he started by demonstrating the power to move millions of people directly. Now that the program has been aired up to four times, we looked at how the early attention of Taegeukgi was established by the power of the program itself.

Critic Chung Suk-hee has raised the possibility of ‘funding together’ in line with the recent broadcasting trend, which has increased the number of entertainment programs that consider both fun and value. He said he succeeded in explaining the program’s overall orientation. Lee Seung-han commented that the program would last long because it demonstrated the power to allow viewers to participate and act in spite of relatively low viewership.

◆ Weekend entertainment that will change many things

The lost MBC weekend entertainment finally found its way. It feels similar to the 2014 release of Where’s Dad ?. Do you feel like you’ve met the light again through a long, long tunnel? I’m not an employee of MBC, but I want to be so relieved. The entertainment program discussed the value and meaning of Taegeukgi, and it was a good time to leave the scene. It wasn’t just poems, but it was a film-like cross-cutting that naturally led me to poetry.

Listening to the voices of Yoo In Na and the sky, I breathed a long time ago, so I remembered the poems that were often undone. It seems to have been wiped out in the process of disposing of books that are too small to read. So I bought it as an e-book right away. Now, nobody finds Taegeukgi, and he is reluctant to publish. Weekend entertainment One small wing seems to change a lot. Moreover, the profits will be used for good things.

The entertaining, meaningless puns and harmful settings have finally changed the flow. From JTBC <Hyori’s Guest House> to <Camping Club>, tvN <Yuquiz On the Block> and <I met with work>. Without food and travel, there are many entertainments that show what the true value is instead of the end, the frustration, the bluff and the show. Like Funding, I also like studios. It is the best combination of Yoo Sang-sang’s sincerity, Jang Do-yeon’s wit, and Yu Hee-yeol’s sense of balance. <Funding> will start with the ‘U-Flash’ project and start with <What do you do when you play?> Along with MBC Entertainment’s double carriages.


◆ The moment values ​​are connected

At the presentation of <Funding Together>, MC Yoo Hee-yeol of the program expressed ‘If you do what you play’ is like an independent film starring Yoo Jae-seok, <Funding> is a blockbuster. Yoo Jun-sang’s ‘Taegeuk flagship project’, the first episode of ‘Funding Together’ was indeed a ‘blockbuster’ class. The history lecture and the theme of ‘patriotic’, which was held with Seol Min-seok at the Jingwansa Temple, is a story that everyone in the land owed to the sublime sacrifices of the independence activists can relate to. Clearly, it was an inspiring moment when the eyes were wet and the heart became hot.

But the question was a diary. Recalling Kim Tae-ho’s plan intention, “We tried to capture the reality that the small ideas we have are of great value,” the analogy of blockbuster is not just about the scale, but it is shared with many people who have the value of this program. It is about the process of becoming and spreading. But from the first time, it seems that the ‘large and universal value’ was not offered without ‘sharing’. In fact, from the second part, which specifically depicted the left-handed doldol surrounding the production of the flag, the story became more three-dimensional.

On the contrary, the second runner Noh Hong-chul’s ‘small group project’ was a very small impression. This, too, does not mean ‘scale’, but it does not mean that the heart has not moved enough to share its value because of the feeling of ‘Hong-cheol’ of Roh. Since there was a limitation of ‘sample exhibition’ which only named ‘midnight escape’, the next part of the theme is expected to be a place to judge the value of this project.

On the other hand, the third runner Yoo In Na’s audiobook project was a plan that made more hope for the possibility of funding together. It was appropriate to start with a topic that was neither too private nor public, combining the familiar material of books with the advantages of audiobooks that could be “ listened together. ” In addition, the independent bookstore tour, which contains values ​​that can not be found in large bookstores, showed the most faithful start to the planning intention of <Funding>. What was more interesting was that it gave me a chance to reflect on the meaning of previous projects. Taegeukgigi, small consumption is a story that tells the values ​​that we are slowly losing in these days. The moment the values ​​were linked together, the program became more engaged.

◆ Prove the power to move the viewer beyond the limits of viewership

Actually, I was a little worried when Yoo Jun-sang first came out with an item called ‘Taegeukgigi’. The explosive reaction of the early items would paradoxically prevent the program from achieving its full potential. In the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the 3.1 Movement and the provisional government, there is no more universal response than the proposal to create a new flagship flag that everyone can cherish on a daily basis. So it may be a bit dangerous to use as the first hitter to measure how persuaded viewers the features of crowdfunding, the meaning and tone of each item.

Nevertheless, it was revealed to some extent that the program’s intentions and features are now revealed, even after the Hong Kong Chul’s ‘Summer Special Exhibition’ and Yoo In Na’s ‘Audiobook Project’. This is due to the fact that the most vague and trivial item of the small-scale special war was displayed right after the huge item of the flagship flag, and then the medium-sized item called the audiobook project was presented again. Each item naturally explained different goals and approaches, and succeeded in putting them in the genre grammar of entertainment. Although the ratings were slightly lower than the early days of the Taegeuk flagship project, it was relatively safe to do what one had to do to understand the characteristics of the entire program.

One more outstanding feature of Funding is that it has taken the means to measure the impact of the program besides the audience rating. The fact that viewers can express their interest in the items presented by the program directly on the funding site helps to prove the value and competitiveness of <Funding> only with low viewerships right now. In addition to the overwhelming record of Taeguk flagships on the funding site, 1,000 participants participated in No Hong-cheol’s ‘Summer Special Exhibition’, which talks with others on the raw cotton site. The sneak peek of real-time clicks in online bookstores right after they aired is good evidence of the program’s impact.

It’s not just about seeing and enjoying, but a program that has the power to get viewers to actively participate and act. It’s still very low ratings compared to competitors of the same time, but it’s a reason to be optimistic about the program’s vitality.

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