The combination of girlfriend and summer is always right.

The legendary reversal song “From Today to We” (2015), “You and Me” (2016), “When you listen” (2017) and Summer Summer (2018) ) Summer is the season of passion of my girlfriend.

From the beginning of the legend,

The first summer of my girlfriend was ‘We are from today.’ This is the title song of my girlfriend’s mini-album “Flower Bud” which was released on July 23, Following her debut song ‘Glass Beads’ with her shy heart, she was given a full evaluation of her girlfriend’ s song as always.

NabuLLERA ‘You and me’

‘You and me’ is the title song of her second album ‘LOL’ of her girlfriend, and her girlfriend showed her mastery of achieving four consecutive hits like a butterfly flying in summer. This song shows the peak of ‘Power Byeon-seon’ which puts girlfriend to the summit at once, and the more mature feeling of girlfriend who finished school trilogy captures listener’s ear. The melody that moves wildly resembles the passion of hot summer.

# Tell your girlfriend ‘if you listen’

In the last year of 2017, there was “27th Summer”. It is the moment when my girlfriend ‘s ear’ ‘Til ears’ is a medium dance song featuring lyrical yet sultry summer moods, featuring beloved beloved and loving girls. It was a perfect match for my summer, filled with music video of a concept that came to nature in the summer, and a cheerful patience of my girlfriend.

# Summer itself, summer summer sun

Summer last year was itself a summer summertime. A cool pop dance song featuring a summer night giggle featuring girls starting with a cool electric guitar sound. My girlfriend showed me that the summer song is sure to go, and I filled up a lot of cool feeling of a girlfriend. Cool vocals and funky rhythms gave us coolness just by listening.

# Passion season ‘Tropics’

‘Tropical Night’ is a song that boasts the performance of ‘Passion’ that evolved further from the power of your girlfriend. This year’s new girlfriend’s newest song and the most recent summer song. It has become a more powerful dance choreographer, such as ‘Gorilla Dance’, ‘Raised Dance’, and ‘Compass Dance’. This leads us to expect more girlfriends to grow. 

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