Kim Soo-yong expressed his thoughts on the nickname ‘Nojam Gagman’ and said, “Daughter also asked me how ‘Daddy became a gagman’ and asked me.”

Kim Soo-yong also said that she had no complaints about the dark circle and said, “Thank you for the dark circle.

“When I was a rookie, I played a lot of grim reapers. When I went to the dressing room, I said, ‘I just need basics.'”

Park Seong-gwang also attracted attention by shouting “Recognition” even in the past, “Because of Park Ji-sun and manager, and Puppy Liberation has been popular since recently.” 

“I recently opened YouTube, 36 out of 49 videos will be gwangbok,” he said.

Kim Soo-yong and Park Seong-gwang had time to heal while reading ‘Ripple’, not Affliction. Kim Soo-yong said, “Kim Soo-yong is a real natural gagman. If someone like Kim Soo-yong is foreign, he is in the major. Obviously, the age of Kim Soo-yong will come.

Park Sung-kwang was impressed by Lockle, saying, “Is your slaughter from your mother’s eyes coming from your mother? Is your white skin from your father?”

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