Singer Gangnam and Ice Sok Yi Sang-hwa get married on October 12 at a hotel in Seoul. On the 29th, the two companies said, “Based on the love and trust of each other, the marriage was the fruit of love. I would like to ask you a warm blessing in the future of Gangnam and Sanghwa, which is about to begin. I will try to help. “

The two have joined together on SBS ‘Jungle’s Law in Last Indian Ocean’, which aired in September last year. After filming, she met as a banquet and developed her as a lover. At that time, Gangnam and Lee Sang-hwa met seriously on the premise of marriage, and it is said that they will hold a ceremonial ceremony soon.

However, on the day of the wedding announcement, Gangnam interviewed one of the media to find that they had already marked each other as partners to share their future from the beginning of this year. Gangnam said in a call with Yonhap News that “they were old and wanted to meet seriously from the beginning.” Lee Sang-hwa responded to the proposal with tears and since then has been preparing for marriage.
Gangnam’s diet was not for marriage, but it also helped Lee Sang-hwa. When Gangnam appeared on KBS 2TV ‘Battle Trip’, he talked about dating that started with Lee Sang-hwa and exercise and ended with exercise. Kangnam, who was worried about his health suddenly lost weight, lost 15kg, regained beauty, health and made abs.

Giving up Japanese nationality and preparing for naturalization was also a decision to consider idealization. Born between a Korean mother and a Japanese father, Gangnam had a Japanese nationality. In 2011, he made his debut as a group MIB and started his career in Korea. Gangnam explained, “It is a decision that takes into consideration both Sanghwa and his family in Korea.”

Gangnam said, “I’m an Olympic gold medalist and a treasure player of the country, but I’m very humble. I’m good at people around me. In the entertainment, only a playful figure can be seen, but the sense of maturity is felt as much as the heart for idealization. A lot of public support continues for the hundred years of entertainment, sports star.
Gangnam debuted as a group MIB in 2011, and emerged as an entertainment stone through JTBC ‘I will go to school’ and MBC ‘I live alone’. After disbanding the team in 2017, he began to play solo. Performing arts and recording activities are parallel. Lee Sang-hwa won the 500m gold medal in the Vancouver Winter Olympics, the 500m gold medal in the Sochi Winter Olympics, and the 500m silver medal in the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. Last May he announced his retirement.
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