In the SBS drama ‘Gangnam scandal’ broadcasted on the 14th, the state of silver-owned (Seo Eun-eun) who received 50 million won from Hong Baek-hee (Bang Eun-hee) was drawn as a condition to prevent the engagement of Choi Seo-joon (Im Yoon-ho).

The owner finally visited Hong Baek-hee. To accept Hong ‘s suggestion to tempt Choi.

Hong said, “I expected the result but said it early.” However, the owner of silver said, “I can not do anything like temptation.” “I will not deal with the person who made the struggle,” said Hong Baek-hee, who said, “It’s not a bad thing.

Hong Baek-hee ordered that “I will ask for a refund as much as the delay of the engagement” and to stop Choi’s engagement. He said, “Please keep in mind that you and Sehyun (Seo Do Young) are completely finished with this contract.” So the owner of silver, “Never see such a brother,” he said. Hong Baek-hee was embarrassed by the remarks of SNSO.

The owner was drunk and called Hong Se-hyun. “I walked because I wanted to see it. Hong Baek-hee was uneasy about the idea that Junso-yu might tell Hong Se-hyun a contract with him.

The first person to arrive at the property was Hong Baekhee. However, he hid himself from Hong soon after arriving. “I do not mind, but I dreamed of marrying my brother the day I met her again,” said Hong Se-hyun, who is concerned about her ownership. However, “I opened the door to the wedding ceremony,” he cried tears. Hong Sang-hyun was embarrassed by the meaningful confession of silence.

The next day, Hong Baek-hee deposited 50 million won to silver-owned. After receiving the money, the silver owner facing Choi Seon – joon confused.

On the other hand, SBS drama ‘Gangnam scandal’ is broadcasted at 8:40 am on weekdays.

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