On the afternoon of the 10th, JTBC “Let’s Get Somebody” actors Ryu Seung-soo and Kwon Se-se have appeared together as a rice comedian and challenged one piece in Myeongryun-dong, Jongno-gu.

On this day, Brother Gyudong met with Ryu Seung-soo and Ki-se-se, who were dressed in the shape of a larva in the Joseon Dynasty. The two are from the same agency. Ryu Seung-soo said, “When I first got a profile, I did not want to accept this friend, but after a couple of years, Aura was very different.”

As soon as I saw Kwangseong, Kang Ho-dong said, “The team has been decided even if I look at it.” Then, he asked, “Why are you naming the name of Kii Ginsen, because there are many other beautiful names?” Kwon said, “It was my mother’s recommendation.

Lee said, “I also received a name from a famous recital, and he told me to change it to Ryu Sung Sung or Ryu Sung Sung.” “I asked my friends to respond,” It’s like a Chinese restaurant. “So I give up and act on my real name,” he laughed.

Four people who walked 600-year-old Sungkyunkwan paved roads also conducted interviews with university students. Myeongryun-dong, Jongno-gu, where Sungkyunkwan University is located, has been renovated into one room to accommodate various students. In addition to one-room apartments, there were various types of housing such as multi-family houses and apartments.

Lee Kyung-gyu – Ryu Seung-soo, Kang Ho-dong – The two teams divided into Kwangseong started a one-piece challenge in earnest in Myeongryun-dong. Kang Ho-dong, who failed to complete the challenge in Cheongdam-dong last year, said, “Today, Mr. Ki-seh’s responsibility is heavy. “I feel uneasy,” said Kiyoshi.

Ryu Seung-soo, on the other hand, succeeded in communicating with the students who tried to do it. A student living in a rental housing used as a dormitory at Sungkyunkwan University came directly down to the conversation. Lee Kyung-kyu and Ryu Seung-soo began to persuade people familiar with their home and name.

One hour later, the boy, who had a date with her girlfriend, hesitated and tried to call her girlfriend. Thanks to the girlfriend ‘s deliberate postponement of his appointment with his boyfriend, Lee Kyung – kyu and Ryu Seung – su could find a one – time friend. Lee Kyung-kyu and Ryu Seung-soo came to the house of Bob’s comrade at 6:47 pm after having received the allowance of 6,000 won from the production team for a meal with a student who did not feel like having a pocket. As a student residence alone, there was a set of carrier and tissue paper instead of a table.
Ryu asked his students, “What do you want to do later?” Lee Kyung-gyu said, “You should not say that.” I said, “I used to go to Hong-dee by taking a picture of me, and I was confused that I asked a student a dream.”

When asked why they were asking, Ryung Seung-soo said, “Why? I asked,” Lee Kyung-gyu said, “Why are you pushing me? It is forcing older generations to watch. ” He said, “(student) is cool, then I made a statement like that, and I became a jerk.”

Ryu Seung-soo, a trailblazer, handed out a secret recipe for instant rice. Lee Kyung-gyu asked Lee Kyung-gyu, “How did you know this?” He said, “I used to live in a house long ago. I live alone because I live away from my wife.” Yun Seong-soo’s wife Yoon Hye-won, whose workplace is located in Daegu, was living with her children in Daegu. Ryu Seung-soo said, “It is difficult because it is very expensive to live in Seoul.” The boys also said, “I am living in relatively cheap dormitory.” Carrier dining table with prepared food curry, kimchi, and egg whisk. Three people enjoyed simple but delicious meals.

While Lee Kyung – gyu and Ryu Seung – soo spent time with boys and girls, Ki – se and Gang – hong were still struggling. Kang Ho – dong worked hard to explain to his mother who did not know him, but he suffered a humiliating failure. Kwangseo suggested by the father who does not know Kangho-dong continuously, “Let’s go to the villa” instead of the house. Since then, Ki-se and Kang Ho-dong have found a beautiful house like a cafe in the alley. The two people who persuaded the landlord to their mother hardly enjoyed the success of the challenge.

KNS is famous for its SNS star, and it shows off its unique photographic skills. “When you take your body, you put your foot on it, and when you take your upper body, you put it on the bottom of the boat,” said Kwon.

Lee Kyung-gyu and Ryu Seung-soo, who talked frankly about boys and college life, hobbies and anxieties. Lee Kyung-gyu asked his anguish. “One day I suddenly cried in the underground parking lot, and when I checked it at the hospital, the male hormone levels were too low. At the age of middle age, my dad had to support my two young children and my family.

Lee Kyung-gyu said, “When I talked to the students, I was really envious of youth.” When asked to go back to the past, Ryu asked whether he would return. Lee Kyung-gyu said, “Because of the anxiety about the future, it may or may not work.” Ryu Seung-su also said, “If I do not go back to this time, I will not go back.

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