On the 5th, JTBC entertainment program ‘Han Ji-sho’, starring actor Rim Jae-moo and comedian Gyesang-ryul appeared as a comedian in a rice party, and they made a challenge in Shin Gil-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu.  

Lee Kyung-gyu, who came out with the sunglasses on the day, said, “I have to ask the audience for your understanding, I have undergone a local relocation surgery under my eyes. He said, “My dog ​​is not aware of it.

After that, we have a nice greeting with the appearance of Rim Jae-moo and Ji Sang-ryul who are rice comrades of today. The four people then headed to the one – place challenge, Sin Gil – dong. 

Ji Sang-ryeol, Lee Kyung-gyu team, Rim Chung-moo, and Kang Ho-dong team. In his first challenge, Lee Chae-moo faced a challenge from choosing a lake to challenge. At the end of the twists and turns, he called his first home, but he failed to challenge the residents.

Ji Sang-ryol asked the respondent, “What is your age this year?” And said, “It is time to become a thyroid.” Also, when the residents were eating rice alone, they persuaded “I will serve as my wife” and made the neighborhood shout.

Ji Sang-ryeol and Lee Kyung-gyu went up to the house that opened the front door of the apartment. Below, the team of Gimhongdong and Gimhongmu continued their challenge. Lee Kyung – gyu came to meet the residents and said, “Just come home and tell me to eat only rice.”

In the meantime, Chung Moo Chung talked with the residents. The residents who received the response said, “There is no problem in giving meals.

However, the residents who invited the team were embarrassed by saying, “I did not know it was a broadcast appearance.” Then, Chung Ho-moo and Gangho-dong came out and continued their challenge in the next apartment.

Then the two of them went out to work and talked to the office workers. After completing the discussion with her husband, the locals accepted a meal and surprised everyone.

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