In the actor avenues feature of KBS2 Happy Together 4, which was aired at 11:10 pm on the 2nd, Gojun made a tough fight and an honest reaction on Thursday night.

Gojun boasted his appearance with a variety of resemblances such as Chu Sung-hoon from the back, Sohn Heung-min from the center, and Yoo Jae-suk’s timid language play.

As he relaxed, he showed off his charms and showed off his charms. Gojun went to study in Jeolla province for a perfect dialect and explained the method of studying his dialect and gave a lecture on acting, saying that there are tons of dialects. Although the MCs rebelled against the interpretation of the dialect that gradually became deteriorated, Gojun continued to lecture and laughed.

Especially his versatile reversal attracted admiration. A combination of songs, beatboxes, dance dances and lyric monkeys, such as the usual KOJUN’s all-around talent, not only to MC ‘s, but also to’ see ‘to make.

In addition, Gojun began to speak to Jeon Hyun-moo that he resembled an owl, and Jo Se-ho said that he resembled a mashed potato.

So, in various communities, ‘I have always been attracted to my brother’s charm’, ‘I was really funny’, ‘I was scared because of the character, but it was fun! There is nothing I can not do. And the birth of a new character.

As a result, Gojun showed off his charm to the studio, as well as viewers’ minds, unmistakably that it was his first performance. Expectations are gathering for KOJUN’s future activities as well as movies and dramas, as well as performing arts.

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