Ahn Hyung-seop, Austin River, Choi Sung-won, Park Tae-hwan and Han Seok-joon arrived in the Philippines on the 28th SBS entertainment Grand Blue.

The members of the meeting gathered at the meeting place on the day. Actor Lee Jong-hyuk, a scuba diving license holder, and Hunnam chef Austin River, who came from a water polo player, first appeared. Ahn Seong-joon, a broadcaster from an announcer who also holds a certificate of aquatic security personnel, is also a singer Ahn Hyung-seop of Producer 101. Particularly, swimming athlete Park Tae-hwan came together and expected.

Actor Choi Sung Won, who was the first artistic challenge, caught the attention of the program’s narration. Prior to the drama, which was cast as acute leukemia, Sung Won stopped his act of acting temporarily. However, after more than a year of battling life, he was now fully recovered and showed his health.

A dance battle to set up a birdie was unfolded in a ship going deep into the sea. Here Jong Hyuk won the dance battle first place. Jonghyuk chose Taiwhan as a birdie, and Seojun-Austin and Sungwon-Seongseop made a birdie.

I finally arrived at Cebu’s first dive point. The real mission the crew asked Marine Boyz was to create an underwater park to restore the marine ecosystem. Tae-hwan said, “My eyes were dark, I wonder where I would go from here to where.”

After the preparations, the members got into the sea without hesitation. Ahn Hyung-seop suddenly became ice. “I was afraid to jump into the sea in the middle of the big,” he said. In the end, thanks to the cheer of his brothers, he gained courageous seas. Marine Boy Park Tae Hwan succeeded in acquiring it easily, and successfully succeeded in acquiring the license holder successively. In the sea, the Marine Boys enjoyed the scenery of the underwater theme park of the horoscope. Park Tae-hwan, who has seen this, expressed his willingness to “go from broadcasting to earnestly, to have a sense of mission.”

Members of the first dive enjoyed a variety of food, from chili crepe to shrimp to garlic butter crab.

After returning to the hotel, Marine Boys was awarded a diving license for his accomplishments. I also hit my head to make some underwater parks. Opinion of all gathered and image of underwater park was completed.

The next morning, Marin Boyz arrived at the Grand Blue House on the island of Sukamotis on a two hour boat. Without a moment to breathe, the Marine Boys left for Camotes to find a spot to create an underwater park. As soon as they arrived, they hurried to change their wetsuits and try again. Compared to the previous day, the Marine Boys showed a more relaxed appearance. Despite the heavy equipment and fear of the sea, Seongseop succeeded in getting it once again.

But suddenly, an unexpected situation occurred. The Austin River was swept away by a bird that was much stronger than expected. The instructor said, “You should not go far.” To avoid a fast bird, Marine Boyz tried to get it right away. However, at the same time, Sukjoon and the Austin River collapsed into a collision crisis. I have not caught up with the chaos here. Also, the members changed their direction to save the party, but the members started to rise to the surface. There is a risk of a sickness in a sudden increase in water. Eventually, with the help of a security guard, the crew rose above the surface of the water. I was also worried about the condition of the members.

Grand Blue is an underwater variety program where entertainers go directly to the Philippine Sea where they have a beautiful natural environment and enjoy direct scuba diving and aquatic life.

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