On the night of the 28th, underwater variety program SBS “Grand Blue” showed the first line. As a member of Grand Blue ‘Sea Revitalization Project’, swimming actor Park Tae Hwan, actor Lee Jong Hyuk, chef Austin River, Broadcaster Han Seok Jun, actor Choi Sung Won and singer Ahn HyungSeop formed ‘Marine Boys’.

Marine Boys is the first scuba diving in the Philippines. Marine Boys performed a dance battle with a cute diving hood that was presented to the youngest actor, Ahn Hyung-seop, in the boat to the first dive spot.

When scuba diving, we always go in pairs for a couple of people and call the same team member Buddy. The members danced to determine the ‘Buddy’ and they showed their charm. Grand Blue Member Buddy Park Tae Hwan X Lee Jong Hyuk, Han Seok Jun X Austin River, and Choi Sung Won X Ahn Hyung-seop became a team.

Mission was revealed at the first dive site in detail in the Philippines. The Marine Boys had to make their own underwater parks to save the marine ecosystem.

Park Tae-hwan said, “I want to do my best seriously after leaving the broadcasting. I felt a sense of mission.”

The members finished their first dive and had the last dinner with various foods. My brother’s interest in Ahn Hyung-sup was concentrated. Ahn Hyoung-seop told me that he was in charge of weight management because he was an idol, and he was surprised that the members did not like it.

The Marine Boys celebrated with the scuba diver certification, which was acquired through thorough preparation and efforts for the sea revitalization project. The members shared their ideas about the underwater park and put their will to the project.

The next day, Marin Boyz headed to the Grand Blue House, a lodge on the island of Camores for the project. The first diving in Kamotes was a difficult time for the members. The members did not calm down with unexpected heavy birds.

SBS ‘Grand Blue’ is an underwater variety program where performers go directly to the Philippine Sea, where they have beautiful natural environments, and scuba dive and protect the underwater ecology. It will be broadcast every Friday at 11:10 pm.

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