Sohn Byung-ho faced a crisis, revealing that the market that was trying to build the Uzmal and drove the marketers of injuries was involved in the slush issue with Hojik Construction.

The TVN entertainment program ‘Great Show’ (played by Seol Joon-seok, director Shin Hwi-hee and Kim Jung-wook), which was broadcasted on the afternoon of the afternoon, was depicted by Kang Kyung-hoon (Son Byung-ho) and a great (Song Seung-heon) who stepped behind his mouth.

In the broadcast, the Great offered a deal to Kang Kyung-hoon to prevent the tyranny of Woods Distribution, which is trying to build a woods mall without consent from market vendors. However, Kang Kyung-hoon, in return, mentioned ‘no election’ and touched the planting of the great.

Kang Jun-ho (Lim Joo-hwan) said, “It is urgent to prepare a win-win plan that can be accepted at the Uz Mall.” However, the fact that he has joined hands with Kang Kyung-hoon is the representative of Hojik Construction. It was revealed that Kim Tae-hoon, the representative of Tae-hoon Elevator, was connected with a slush fund.

First, the Great captured the scene where mayor Jung Han-soo secretly met with Kang Kyung-hoon. He gave the opportunity to speak directly to the mayor, but he took a shameless attitude and disappointed the great.

Jung Soo-hyun (Lee Sun-bin) joined with the Great knowing that his sister’s elevator crash, which was lost 14 years ago, is related to Taehoon Elevator. The Great and Jeong Soo-hyun met with their 40-year-old friend, Joysa, who was imprisoned for Kim’s guilt.

In the meeting room, Jeong-Hyun confessed to Joy that “Elbe crashed in Taehoon 14 years ago, and my brother died because of it.” “May you find out the truth so that the misery that comes to your sisters does not happen again.”

Joysa’s daughter was fighting, and his friend Kim Tae-hoon had her in jail for his daughter’s hospital expenses. Joysa recalled Kim Tae-hoon, who visited Jishin and asked him to shut up to the Great.

The Great met with the mayor before handing it over to the prosecution. Chung, who saw the USES hand, said, “Can you be a star if you want to keep my place in the gaps of people who are stronger than me? You should compromise and break down properly.” “Great how I want to do this,” he said, great pain.

Finally, Great headed for a golf lounge to feed a shot. There, a corrupt employee was playing golf, including a representative of Hojik Construction, a representative of Taehoon Elevator, Lee Kang-heon of Woods Distribution, and a prosecutor who falsely defended the elevator accident 14 years ago.

Great said, “I will tell the representative as a member of the progressive party,” he said. Eventually, the construction of Hojik Construction was reported in the news, and the CEO of Hojik Construction and Kang Kyung-hoon vowed to take revenge toward the great, saying, “We had one shot.”

The ‘great show’, now beyond the mid-section, predicted a more exciting development, predicting such a delightful revelation of the great truth and Kang’s ‘blood revenge’ about it.

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