In the first episode of the TVN TV drama ‘The Great Show’, which was broadcast on the 26th, the great (Song Seung Heon) who received a week before the general election heard about the father’s death.

On the same day, when Great heard about his father’s death when he was eight years old, the reporters who heard that they had been found in the testimony a week after his father’s death began to drive the great to the pacifist. In a hurry, there was a video out there about the great Father who visited the campaign, and the Great believed that people would not care much about this, but it was completely his illusion.

The father of the great met another woman after her mother, who left the house when he was eight years old. Since then he has never visited Great and Mom, but people who do not know this have been busy blaming Great. The Great was disappointed by the people’s interests and argued, “I’m not even in my mother’s funeral. I’ve ignored it for thirty years.

Suddenly, the rival Kang Kyung-hoon visited the funeral home and mourned his heart, but in the outside, he sniper the great, and incited him to judge the pacifier. In the end, the Great decided to restore the image by samboilbae, and successfully recovered the image by finishing samboilba unharmed. So on the day of the general election. Great faced tightly with Kyung-Hun Kang, but fell in the general election. That night, Great broke up with his girlfriend Kim Hye-jin (Park Ha-na) and lost everything.

Three years later, the Great became more and more forgotten, and he earned a living by surrogate operation. But the dream of great did not stop. As he walked around the streets of the market, he chatted with people, and acted as a surrogate, staying close to them. His aide, Ko Bong-ju (Kim Dong-young), said, “Stop driving. People think it’s a show.” But the great mumbled, “It’s not over until the end.”

The next day, Great went to the market and encountered Jeong Soo-hyun (Lee Sun-bin). And at that time, Hadjung Jung (Jeong-jung), who appeared in front of the Great, lost her brother and asked for help. Ha-jung, who lost her mother and dad, said she would take her brothers to visit her father. The Great responded to the story of Handajung, but his heart was different. I lamented my father’s oath and said, “Your father’s face will be worth seeing.”

That night. Hajeongjung came to the house of the great. Hajeong was not alone. Her brothers were in line. The Great stared in amazement, and Hadjeong asked, “Do you like Christmas gifts?”

On the other hand, at the end of the broadcast on the day, the picture of welcoming the family in the picture of a great surprise is added, which adds to the future development.

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