In episode 14 of the tvN Mon.

On that day, after finding the woman’s contract, Jungsu called a great man to the playground. “What is the contract of the woman?” Great tried to clarify Jeong Soo Hyun, but Jung Hyun did not hear the story of Great. She just turned around with the words, “Do you write a woman’s contract. A lover who thinks you’re a dad. It’s scary politics. 

The next day, Great entered the Jindang homepage and confirmed the nomination results. But his nomination was eliminated. The Great, who failed to accept the result, went to the leader of the Jeon Jindang and said, “What is transparent. Didn’t you take a ugly stone? Looking at the House of Parliament, “Yeah you’re a national house,” he said.

Disappointed Great drank a lot of alcohol, and seeing this, Jeong-hyun said, “Good. What’s the right thing. This was contacted by Mr. Bong-ju. He fell from the nomination. The Great replied, “Tell me, thank you. I can’t turn the results over.” He added, “If the kids don’t reject me, I’ll be responsible for the end of the kids.”

Great was frustrated after four years of hard work. But a lawmaker said he could be a member of the parliament if he got the vote of the people as an independent, and the Great decided to run as an independent with the support of the people around him. The Great then launched a great TV, proclaiming his independence, and eagerly appealed, “Give me your precious vote. I will try to make your dream come true.”

Later, the Great appeared in debate and delivered an intense message to differentiate itself from existing parties. Kang had a crisis of great behavior, but Great continued to push his claims in a confident manner. At the next banquet, the controversies expressed their intention to participate in a special program for the general election, and Kim Hye-jin (Park Ha-na) also expressed her intention to appear in the broadcast.

Great, who started great TV in earnest, captured people’s hearts through active communication. The Great made a bulletin board in front of the house where he could write various complaints, and through him he resolved them. Eventually, impressed with the efforts of the great citizens began to give support to the great. But when the support of the Great didn’t go up as well as expected, Ko Bong-ju read the Great, saying, “There are 23% of the voters who don’t support any candidates.One day when the general election is short. The Great heard the news that Danby, whom he had known, died. Since then, Danbi’s mother has published online how much Great has cared for Danby, and began to support Great even more of the people who were moved by Great’s heart. Kang also said, “What can I do. You can play harder.”


Dynasty market traders actively supported the great. Great because he got courage, “Elders. Thank you. Son of the mayor Great. People belong. National dad. Great sign four times. In the end, Great caught up with the support of the Advancing Party candidate. Time passed quickly, and elections came two weeks ahead. Meanwhile, the typhoon and cluster suddenly disappeared, and Han Dong-nam, the father of the children, appeared in front of the great. Han Dong-nam suddenly announced that he would go to Chuncheon with his children, and Han Ha-jung said, “I can’t send my brothers to Chuncheon. My brothers stay here.”

Afterwards, Han Dong-nam sang the great late. Han Dong-nam said, “The money you gave away was blown up at the casino. Some time ago, the jackpot broke out. You pulled out 232 million dollars in the Korean peninsula. 100 million remain and try to eat chicken. He asked. Then Great replied, “No good at all. Think back to Chuncheon.” Han Dong-nam said, “I know who Da-jung is my father. I died before Da-jung was born. I crashed. I was a criminal. I was a violent detective in the last year. I ran around everywhere to catch this human. It was a sexual assault.

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