Mnet ‘X1 FLASH’, which aired on the 29th, revealed its debut process from TMI exposure to ‘Behind the Showcon’. 

On this day, the members of X-One had a time to talk about each other’s first impressions. The members said, “It looks so scary.” 

Kang Min-hee said, “I thought I shouldn’t be forced to do it.” Lee Han-keol admitted, “I’m sad but I admit it. 

X-one’s cuteness, Song Hyung-jun and Son Dong-pyo’s nerve war continued. Song Hyung-jun said, “Dong-pyok first dances and winks. I’m embarrassed by what’s going on.” Son recalled, “When he was evaluated by the company, Hyung-jun caught my eye. I thought, ‘You’re cute. Is it a rival?'” 

The TMI revelation was followed. Cho Seung-yeon and Kim Yo-han said that Sohn did not wash well. Son Dong-pyo said, “I went to wash when my brother fell asleep,” but Kim Yohan said, “I don’t know whether to sleep or to sleep.” 

Cha Jun-ho, on the other hand, washes too long. Kim Yo-han said about Cha Jun-ho, “If you go to the bathroom to shower, you will not come out for three days.” 

Kim Yohan’s TMI was also released. Lee Han-jeol said, “I’m not that John, but I have an item when I sleep. Bear pajamas. I wore it all the time.” Kim Yohan explained, “I’m not trying to look cute at all. The pajamas are comfortable and I wore it.”

Cha Jun-ho said, “When John’s older brother washes out, he wears socks and lies on the bed.” “I’ve never seen bare feet before. Maybe I have athlete’s foot.” Kim Yohan replied, “No disease. I don’t wear socks except when I sleep.” 

On the 27th, the premiere showcon held at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul was unveiled. ‘Premier Showcon’ is a performance that combines a showcase and a concert. On that day, X-one made a successful debut. 

Before going on stage, Kang Min-hee said, “It is true that it is unstable. Worry seems to be getting bigger.” Han Seung-woo said, “I’m worried about ‘love me’ and ‘love me as I am.'” 

However, contrary to worries, X1 showed the perfect stage such as ‘Pretty Pretty’, ‘U GOT IT’ and ‘Moving’. After the stage, X-One shed tears on his gratitude for Fandom One. 

Next, X-One revealed its goal. Kang Min-hee said, “It looks so cool to have an award winning profile on the portal site profile. I want you to write anything on your profile, whatever you do.”

Song Hyung-jun said, “Do you want to be published in K-POP in future textbooks. I want X-One to enter. I feel good and proud. Because it remains one of the history.” 

Nam Do Hyun said, “I’m confident I can’t get the music. I want to impress you with our own music.” Kim Yo-han added, “I want to be able to shine in the moment.” 

Finally, X-one said, “I want everyone to be proud. I hope we will have good memories.” 

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