I shared a common consensus with Park Jae-rae and Song-jin recalling the long unknown life. 

On the 10th, tvN ‘Grunting Sounds’ was accompanied by ‘Miss Trout’ Top3 Song, Jung Mi-ae Hong, as a guest. 

On that day, the Daenong expedition washed away the fatigue of the field with a careful meal prepared by the mother of Han Tae-woong. 

When the meal is finished, the concert of Songgain will unfold. Songgain is a mood with a group trotting medley. Here, Tae Woong Kang, Gogae Inn and “a lot of Taedonggang” singing Kamy boasted.

The breath of Songgyein and Park Jae-rae also stood out. In the past, Singh was a young man who dreamed of a scoundrel. Park also studied abroad to advance to higher education. 

Songgain recalled his obscenity when he graduated from college and acted as a trot singer through his ‘All Songs’, saying, “I made my first album but I broke up in three years and then I was alone.” 

Songgan looked back and said, “It’s okay, though. I got a lot of ‘Mistrot’. It’s the biggest beneficiary. ” Even at the ‘Miss Trout’ contest, I had to take care of everything alone, unlike any of the other contenders who were under the care of my agency. Singh recalled that he “endured alone” at the time.

So, Park said, “I had been in obscurity for more than 10 years. I had to go to the event even if my company had no meaning. ” Park said, “I do not know which cloud it is in. I have to see the clouds and the clouds.” 

On the other hand, on this day, besides Songgain, ‘Miss Trott’, Jung Mi Ae and Hongja joined together. Trotmania Taewoong said, “I saw pop stars.” They opened the “Narae Jubang” with Park Jae-rae and shed sweat. 

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