Kim Hong-min, a representative of the genre literature specialist, appeared as a guest on JTBC’s “Gap Gap 1 Column” on the 5th. Gimhongmin representative for the country genre literary market “Maybe small when compared with the world. If you categorize the literature category has Fiction and popular literature, literary genres are included in the popular literature,” he said.

Gimhongmin representatives followed “Fiction is batjiman valued genre literature, even if not read much on the domestic Fiction Award is also to climb the bestseller being relatively difficult literary genre jakgacheung is thicker,” he confessed complaints.

Jung Bum-shik and the official director also appeared. Director Jung Bum-shik laughed, saying that “Ari is another Gojasimas” as a testimony of the movie “Gonjiam” entering Japan. He added, “I got it wrong to tell me Japanese.”

Jung Bum-shik and the director are also called cousins, not brothers. The two said, “The neighborhood is a neighborhood, so I talked about movies and raised my dreams.”

Then, he watched the movie ‘Jiam-so’. ‘Jiyam’ is a work produced by Brother Jeongga. The two men were asked how they worked together. The official director said, “I received a screenplay proposal.” “When I was offered at the first time, I tried not to do it.

Jung Bum-shik said, “It was an omnibus-style simple horror movie composed of three episodes, which was a story of interns who were working at a hospital in the 1970s, and I decided to change it to the 1940s and make it a horror movie with sorrow and aesthetics. I was able to do it, “he said.

Regarding the reasons for choosing the 1940s, the official director said, “The chaotic era is cinematically attractive, the era itself has sorrow and tragedy, there are people who are doing independence movement, there are pro-Japanese people, There are also people who live there. There are many topics that various types of people can coexist and deal with. ”

The official director said, “Although the visual beauty is highlighted, the fact that I focused on the film was formal, not because it looked pretty, but because I wanted to make it more elegant in classical films. They move in the frame. ”

Second, I looked at the film ‘The Labyrinth’. ‘The Labyrinth’ is a fantasy film about the Spanish civil war. “I think it’s hard to get a director to make a special piece or an art,” said Jung Bum-shik. His studio was open to the public. I also had pictures and accessories for my movie. It was an impressive workshop that seemed to embody my space as a space.

The ‘Labyrinth of Labyrinth’ contains the period after the Spanish Civil War. Director Chang Jung-jung said, “The horrors of 1944 have been going on since 1944. It is a time of darkness that overlaps with World War II and the world of dreaming is not beautiful. “He said.

The director, Jeong Bum-shik, said, “There is a movie, the spirit of the beehive.” The same is true of the era when the Franco regime was just around the corner: a depraved reality of the child’s eyes, a child’s inability to dream fantasy, Seems to have been affected a lot “.

‘The maze of the plate’ is classified as ‘Dark fantasy’. About the “Dark Fantasy” genre, Kim Hong-min said, “Fantasy has a horror element, a dark fantasy, a zombie, a dracula, a vampire, and other cruel beings. “He said.

In addition, it told various stories about ‘the labyrinth of the plate’.

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