On January 12, Han Myung-ji’s agency, People Entertainment, reported that Han-il is going to Hollywood as an American film ‘Minari’.

Plan B, which was founded by actor Brad Pitt and hit the movie ‘Slave 12 years’, ‘World War Z’ and ‘Ozza’, is in charge of production, and is producing ‘Moonlight’, ‘Florida Project’, ‘Lady Bird’ A24, which produced a distinctive and sensuous movie, was invested.

‘Minari’ is a story about a Korean family who went to the farm in the state of Arkansas after the American Dream in the 1980s. Director Lee Isaac Chung, who won the Grand Prize at the AFI International Film Festival and the MegaPhone, has entered Cannes International Film Festival with the movie ‘Munyurangabo’.

Hanryei has also been popular with the public regardless of genre. The movie ‘Champion’, ‘The Table’, ‘Chunmong’, ‘Worst Day’, ‘Hunting’, ‘Dramatic Overnight’, ‘Haemu’, ‘Alumni’, ‘Spy’, ‘ And Han Dynasty, which has been playing a wide spectrum of performances in various drama such as ‘Mung Bean Flower – People, Sky’, ‘Switch – Change the World’, ‘Youth Time 1-2’ Is expected to show off his first Hollywood success.

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