Han Ji-min said, “Thank you for coming to ‘Spring Night’ on the 12th instagram.While spring brings in Jiho (the one who is righteous) and Jungin (Han Ji Min), warm love will come to everyone.When spring comes, I left the impression of an exhausting ending.

Han Ji-min also showed photos taken with his father in front of gifts received from his fans. Cakes, banners, and other gifts were filled with fans who were reluctant to send a ‘spring night’.

When the photo was released, the netizens responded “How do you send Jung in?”, “It was a calm and cozy drama”, “I enjoyed it, let’s see it next”.

On the other hand, ‘Spring Broom’ is a drama depicting realistic melodrama, which is a librarian who has a value for his life, and who is affectionate and affectionate with Lee Jung-in (Han Ji Min) Last 11 days.

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