On the afternoon of the 13th, JTBC “Let’s Get Somebody” actor Lee Pil-moo and Onwang-won acted as a rice comedian and challenged a meal at Yongmun-dong in Yongsan.

On this day, Brother Gyudong had a first meeting with Lee, Pil – mo and. Gang Ho-dong said to her sweet honeymoon, Lee Pil-mo, “I got married because I was married. Lee Kyung-gyu, a single, tells Onwangwan, “I live in an advanced country,” and laughs.

Afterwards, Kang Ho-dong, who walked in the alley, said, “I have been watching from the first show of the entertainment program (Lee, Pil-mo and Seo Su-yeon appeared). “When I filmed the program, I was listening to the musical exercises,” he said.

Kang Ho – dong said, “I went to see Lee ‘s musical performance and went back and forth. I was the first in the national mathematics competition. Lee Kyung-gyu said, “I used to be thirty in the old days (in a city fisherman), and PD, who is taking my fish out, was a senior in the country.” Kang Ho-dong also revealed that Wonjuwan was a dance teacher of TVXQ. Ongwan, who majored in contemporary dance, was impressed by his ability to perform leg tearing and dancing on the spot.
On this day, Gyungdong Brothers, Lee Pil-mo and Won-ju Wan met Gangnam while walking the streets of Yongmun-dong. Gangnam is glad to say, “This is the town where I live.” “I do not think the ‘Sol Pharmacy Sons’ do not fit. I learned Korean language through the drama.”

Gangnam was also filming in Yongmun-dong. Gang Ho-young asked, “What kind of program do you have?” Gangnam, who was in charge of the ambassador of the Yongmun market, broadcast a surprise promotion.

The one-piece challenge started in earnest. Lee had tried for the first time but failed. The people who watched the filming in the neighborhood celebrated Lee Han-mi with congratulations. Ganghodong and Onwangwan stopped at one place. I politely asked for a meal, but my landlord mother said, “I have to go to cello lessons.” However, they accepted a piece with persistent courtship and succeeded in 50 minutes of the challenge.

On the other hand, the JTBC ‘Let’s Hook’ is broadcast every Wednesday at 11 pm.

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