It was more than I imagined in the past, “I just did it”. HAN Seo – hee ‘s small ball was ejected to Yang Hyun – seok as well as Icon Via.

YG Entertainment, which had been a long time ago, had a serious start, but it was a drug suspicion of Bi Ai (Kim Han Bin) known on the 12th. In April, 2016, Mr. A received a letter of intent to purchase an LSD of super-strong hallucinogen from Via Iwa’s conversation with Katok. He was arrested on suspicion of violating the law on drugs management in August of the same year and stated that the conversation with Via in the police investigation was true and delivered LSD 10 near the hostel at the request of Bi-Eye. But the police did not summon Via, and for that reason, “Mr. A reversed the statement in the third suspect newspaper. ‘Kim Han Bin asked for it, but he did not actually save it.’ So I did not investigate Kim Han Bin. “

When the suspicion broke out, Via withdrew from the icon, expressing her apology. “I was interested in drugs but I was not afraid,” he refused. YG Entertainment has also formally signed a contract with Byeon ‘s team withdrawal.

It was revealed that Ahn, who had been sentenced to four years probation, 120 hours of probation and 870,000 won in probation, was charged with the alleged misconduct of A in the big bang tower and drugs on the next day. The tower is also an entertainer of YG Entertainment, where Babe has been a long-time artist. When the past tower resumed SNS activities, Han Seo – hee said, “Do not even think about going out. “” I hid a few jobs in your company. “” I told reporters that I would just blow up when I told them to blow up. I wonder why I went there? ” The YG Entertainment logo was captured in the post, further raising questions.

On January 13, Han Sook-hee’s interview was published in various terrestrial news, and the puzzle of the article left by Han Sook-hee was adjusted. The place where Han Seo Hee went was YG Entertainment, and the person who met was Chairman Yang Hyun-suk. In the MBC news, Han Seo-hee said, “I gave a lawyer at YG, and I asked you if Hyang-soo Yang ordered the reversal of the statement.” “I will tell you next,” he said, “just as the journalist thinks. Tell me what to do. I honestly do not know. ” Then he said, “I am confused by the president. I can not really say anything, “he said.” I will change my cell phone number. “

In KBS News, the threat of Yang Hyun-suk was raised. Yang Hyun-suk threatened Han Sung-hee, “It’s easy to give a disadvantage to you.” “Our agency celebrities do not go out for drug testing at the moment. “If the drug is tested periodically, and the drug is detected, it can be sent to Japan to remove the drug, so it will not be detected.” At that time, President Hyun-soo Yang pledged sufficient cases and appointment of lawyers, and he insisted that he also forced the reversion of the statements.

As the situation worsened, Chairman Yang Hyun-suk announced his resignation on July 14, saying, “Today I will put down all positions and all tasks of YG.” “It is my hope that YG can be stabilized as soon as possible,” he said. “Finally, the current media coverage and the facts about Yugu believe that all truths will be revealed through future research.”

According to Yang Hyun-suk, the police department in southern Gyeonggi Province is planning to start a investigation by forming a team for suspicion of drug abuse. Representative Yang Hyun-suk is also expected to be included in the survey.

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