The actors Yoo Jun-sang and Lee Jang-woo appeared on the JTBC ‘Hanki Suki Show’, which aired on August 8, as a teammate.

On the first day of the year, ‘Hanki Sook Show’ recorded Yoo Jun-sang and Lee Jang-woo, who appeared together as brothers in the musical ‘Heroic Colors’, reappearing the scene in ‘Heroic Colors’ with a barbary coat and sunglasses. Appeared as a fight to the sound of the show and showed a special passion, embarrassing Lee Kyung-kyu and Kang Ho-dong.

In addition, Yoo Jun-sang said to Lee Kyung-gyu, “It’s a wonderful relationship. Lee Kyung-gyu said that he is 79, I am 89, and Lee Jang-woo is 05.”

In addition, Kang Ho-dong was surprised to see the callus in the palm of Yoo Jun Sang, and Yoo Jun Sang said, “I do a chin up 30 times a day”, and Lee Kyung-kyu said, “Keep going when something is plugged into one.”

Lee Jang-woo said in his testimony about his first musical, “It’s not hard to be around.”

Lee Jang-woo said, “I’m taking a second shot on a show. My house is Munjeong-dong. When I was filming in front of the house, I was wearing a mask and went to say hello, but I was restrained.”

In addition, Lee Jang-woo said, “Cousin-type Hwan-hee appeared in ‘Hanki show’ and failed. She said that she would appear today.

Lee Jang-woo has a unique recipe in an entertainment program and earned the nickname ‘Miracle Powder Chef’ and has been talking about it. Lee Jang-woo, a ten-year veteran of his own career, asked the secrets of his cooking skills and said, “I only ate food for five years.”

Kang Ho-dong said, “The cooking method is unique. If you need a pear, you can add a drink.” Lee Kyung-gyu said, “If Lee Jang-woo succeeds in going home, he will open the refrigerator and make dishes right away.”

Lee Kyoung-kyu made a team with Lee Jang-woo and Kang Ho-dong made a team with Yoo Jun-sang.

Yoo Jun-sang said, “We are January 1, shouldn’t we try the challenge with 101?” Even when we press the bell, we gave all kinds of meanings to each lake without pressing the number, but laughed as ‘unregistered generation’.

In addition, Lee Jang-woo was humiliated and misunderstood as a courier engineer by the residents in the first challenge. Yoo Jun-sang said, “I’ll challenge with 421,” and it turned out that it was his son’s birthday.

Afterwards, Yoo gave a laugh as he challenged ‘1001’, wedding anniversary 301, and 606.

In the end, Lee Kyung-kyu and Lee Jang-woo, who had repeatedly failed, said, “I’m from the show.” The owner opened the door immediately. Kang Ho-dong and Yoo Jun-sang also showed success.

At this time, the house where Kyung-gyu Lee and Jang-woo entered was told by his father that filming was difficult.

My mother, who invited Kang Ho-dong and Yoo Jun-sang, said, “From January 1st, something good will happen to my house.”

Yoo Joon-sang passed the parenting tips to a successful family saying, “Don’t be in a hurry to talk, talk and wait, know what you want to hear and what you want to do, and talk a lot with your daughter.”

Kang Ho-dong helped his mother to start ramen. Kang Ho-dong said, “I’m not doing ‘Raki-nam’ in another pro,” he asked for the necessary materials.

The mother, who was preparing to cook ramen, asked Kang Ho-dong, “Do you have some cooking?”

Yoo Jun-sang continued his conversation with his teenage daughter in the living room. The daughter, who was not interested, began to communicate through conversation. My mother was particularly surprised when she saw her changing daughter.

Yoo Jun-sang went into the room with her daughter and continued the conversation with her favorite hobby. At this time, Kang Ho-dong completed Jjajang Ramen, and the couple marveled at the amazing visuals.

After finishing the meal, Kang Ho-dong asked the couple’s love story, saying, “It’s fun to watch the one-time shy show around the neighborhood and eat kimchi, but the love story is the best.”

The couple said, “I met them in a chat in 2002,” and they both surprised everyone by revealing their love story.

Eventually, Lee Kyoung-kyu and Lee Jang-woo also succeeded in making an effort. Lee Kyung-gyu, who succeeded in the prosperity, showed confidence that “I can afford to be different from Kang Ho-dong.”

My father, who came to Seoul from Ulsan in 1989, said, “I went to buy ‘defense after seeing’ city fisherman. ‘ Lee Jang-woo helped his mother to start rolling eggs and smiled as she looked for MSG like a ‘cooking chef’.

But the egg roll failed, and Lee Kyeong-kyu was “what are you doing”, and laughed more.

My father said, “When I transfer to Seoul, my wife follows me unconditionally.” My mother laughed at Lee Kyung-kyu, saying, “Yena, I didn’t like being married now.”

At this time, Lee Jang-woo, “being married, I think of my parents,” he said, “father is 39 years old and mother is 58 years old.”

Lee Jang-woo laughed everyone, saying, “My father later went to my mother’s house.

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