On the 8th, JTBC’s ‘Hankigi Show’ was broadcasted as ‘Guy Dong Brothers’ Kang Ho Dong, Lee Kyung Kyu, along with actors Yoo Jun Sang and Lee Jang Woo.

On this day, Yoo Jun-sang and Lee Jang-woo visited Ahyeon New Town, Mapo-gu, Seoul. Lee Jang-woo was “JTBC’s first appearance,” but he couldn’t hide his excited face, and Yoo Jun-sang also made a willingness to have a meal. 

Yoo Jun-sang, Lee Jang-woo and Gyu-dong brothers first visited Ahyun New Town real estate. The real estate boss responded to Kang Ho-dong’s question, “Do you think you will succeed today?”, “I don’t know because the young generation lives. Please come to my house.” 

In particular, Lee Kyung-kyu, “Jun Sangi has not succeeded since 7 o’clock? Then the madness will turn to the eyes. I’ll cry.” 

‘Kids squeeze show’ Lee Kyung-gyu and Lee Jang-woo, who are juniors of the same university, and Kang Ho-dong, joined Yoo Jun-sang. Yoo Jun-sang said, “I will press 101 because it is January 1.” But I was embarrassed by the answer of ‘unregistered generation’. Yoo Junsang called the 1001 generation, but failed in succession. 

Lee Kyung-gyu and Lee Jang-woo first succeeded in one meal. The two men, once answered at one call, entered the warm home. However, when one person was uncomfortable due to the ‘one shy show’ rule, Lee Kyung-kyu and Lee Jang-woo came out of the house again. 

Kang Ho-dong and Yoo Jun-sang succeeded in the one-time challenge and were treated with Sotteoksotteok and Jjajang Ramen. The protagonist said, “I was amazed at the moment. What’s going to be good this year?” 

Kang Ho-dong said, “I’m ‘Raki Nam’. I will cook delicious ramen.” He said, “Jjajang ramen should be sprinkled. If you boil two, you should have three soups.” 

Roasted pork, onions and flake sauce, Kang Ho-dong boiled four noodles at the same time. Kang Ho-dong, “Add a lot of noodles,” adjusted the concentration by adding noodles to roasted vegetables. After that, mixed noodles and jjajang sauce together, sprinkled with red pepper powder added to the spicy taste. 

Gang Ho-dong, who finished the so-called ‘People Ramen’, enjoyed a delicious dinner with Yoo Jun-sang and the main character of the house. Yoo Joon-sang, as soon as he had a chopstick, “I’m delicious.” 

On the other hand, Lee Kyung-gyu and Lee Jang-woo, who had been complained of failing, said, “Keep pressing it.” Lee Jang-woo “not easy” sighed. 

After two generations of calls, two people succeeded. Lee Jang-woo said, “I’m an egg roll genius,” and began to cook. Lee Jang-woo, in particular, took an eye paint with a ‘powder cook’ while adding milk and seasonings to an egg roll. 

Lee Jang-woo confessed his parents’ love story, even though they had a lot of ages, and confessed their marriage. “My parents are asking me when I’m getting married each time,” Lee said. “I recently brought a stylist home. 

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