Actors Yoo Jun-sang and Lee Jang-woo challenged one meal in Ahyeon New Town in JTBC ‘Hankigi Show’ broadcasted on the 8th. 

On this day, Lee Jang-woo asked “Are you good at cooking?” Yoo Jun-sang said, “I am better at washing dishes than cooking.” “I have to take care of my body these days, so I’m eating mainly protein.”

MC Kang Ho-dong mentioned Yoo Jun-sang “I made a Taegeukgi ship a while ago.” Yoo Jun-sang surprised everyone by saying, “The Taegeukgi ship that I ordered a few days ago arrived and brought it as a gift to two people. The honeymoon also revealed its patriotism by saying that it went to Shanghai, where the provisional government of Korea was located.   

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