Hanson told OSEN on the afternoon of the 20th that “the reason why I lived so hard through the broadcast of my childhood life is that I can now look back at myself and my family at that time.”

“It is difficult for me and my family to live because we have not been able to live because of us,” he said. I did not want to fall down and I wanted to keep my pride. ” 

He said, “I watched the broadcast yesterday, and I cried while watching my articles today,” he said. “If I start to think about times when I was in trouble, there is no end. (I become an adult.) Since I was responsible for my livelihood, I did not recall the time, and I could not tell others. “

Hanson won the prize at the Sookmyung Women’s University Dance Department after receiving his financial and psychological support from the teachers of dance classes at the high school. I made a part-time job in the first year, earned tuition and living expenses, and participated in the Miss Korea competition, which was held the following year. We have also prepared the corresponding fee.

“I went to the Miss Korea contest when I was a junior in college. I made money by doing various part-time job in the first grade, and made out the make-up cost and the hair cost necessary for the competition. “

“I think that people who did not know me would think that they would have been comfortable when they saw me because they did not speak,” he said. “I did reporter activities while receiving the Pacific Ocean at the Miss Korea convention. it started. I supported my sister and my brother’s tuition. “

In the TV aired the afternoon of the afternoon, he told me that he lived in the underground room in the fifth grade of elementary school and in the rooftop room in the third grade of high school.

Especially when he lived in a subway station, he said that if the flood happened, the entire house was flooded with water. 

“When I live in a subway station, it is 100% fact, not an exaggeration,” he said. “Some people ask me if it is a lie,” he said.

Hanson said, “Now the economic situation is better than then, my sister and brother have a good job. Three brothers and sisters were able to speak openly about the days when they were having difficulty building a family. Until then, we had not told anyone about our family history. ”  

Hanson won a prize in Miss Gyeonggi in 1997 after passing the Sookmyung Women’s University dance in 1996, and made his debut in the entertainment industry while receiving Miss Korea Pacific from the main line. I set up a family with my 18-year-old Chinese businessman, Jinhwa, and became a parent on December 18 last year, and live a happy life as a wife and mother.

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