In the KBS2 entertainment program ‘Happy Together 4’, which was broadcast on the 29th, ‘How to be funny’ was featured, and the comedians Nam Hee-seok, Nam Chang-hee, Lee Jin-ho, Lee Sang-hoon and Lee Soo-ji appeared.

Nam Chang-hee, who reappeared in ‘Happy Together’ after a long time, said, “It is Nam Hee-seok who raised me socially. When I go abroad, I do not accept my parents’ permission, but Nam Hee-seok is allowed.” Nam Hee-seok also replied, “I am anxious when the kids go somewhere.”

The debut motives of Nam Hee-seok and Yoo Jae-seok continued. Nam Hee-seok said, “Yoo Jae-seok helped me a lot while moving to a boarding house in the past. Thank you.” Yoo Jae-seok was also shy, “I did it because my brother was pretty.” Listening to this, Nam Chang-hee responded, “Cho Seho was not next to me when I moved.”

In addition, Nam Chang-hee said, “Since the contract has been extended, Jae-seok has been called by his brother,” he said.

Yoo Jae-seok said, “I will give you a radio phone call for Chang-hee, but I connected for 30 minutes.” Nam Chang-hee also trembled, saying, “We stayed up three nights and nights when our writers made a phone call.”

Anecdotes of Lee Jin-ho and Jo Se-ho were also released. “It was Seho’s birthday a while ago, and she asked me to choose clothes, and he calculated it. I think I knew I’m happy.” After that, “I bought a reverse than what I’m wearing now. I can’t wear it on the air.”

Lee Sang-hoon, who first appeared in ‘Happy Together’, said, “I’m the same age as Mr. Jo Seho, but I’m a senior. 95% friend and 5% uncomfortable. “

The company’s top income was also revealed. Nam Hee-seok said, “Mr. Jo Se-ho is the top income earner among our employees.” “I often buy rice these days, but I’m getting too confused.” Yoo Jae-seok, who listened to this, also said, “I buy a lot of rice.

Lee Jin-ho’s lack of talk about Yoo Jae-seok was also revealed. “I went to the wedding hall and greeted my juniors,” he said.

Se-ho, the No. 1 company in the company, was the last in the company. Nam Chang-hee said, “The seniors said that my age will come, but the age of Cho Se-ho, the age of Lee Yong-jin and the time of Yang-chan are coming.” Hee-seok Nam said “Your era will come when reunification” and laughed.

Anecdotes related to Cho Se-ho’s old foreign car were also released. Nam Hee-seok said, “External cars are expensive to repair. So Seho was driving with an umbrella because the sunroof was not closed.”

Nam Hee-seok’s strange habits were also revealed. Colleagues revealed that Nam Hee-seok writes Dantokbang almost as a diary. Lee Sang-hoon said “tmi too much. No one asks,” he said. Afterwards, he said, “I even put a baby in a chat room.”

Lee Soo-ji’s new private prayer was released. “I’m having a lot of fun at the ‘camping club’ these days,” he said. In addition, Pinkle’s “ Eternal Love ” protagonist and Kim Go-eun’s acting followed the laughter.

Lee Sang-hoon’s personal life was subsequently revealed as an idol dance. He surprised everyone by covering the representative songs of the girl group ITZY, Chungha and BTS. Finally, their family members complimented him and complimented him, saying, “I was able to identify Mr. Seho’s generosity.”

Meanwhile, Happy Together 4 is broadcast every Thursday at 11 pm.

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