KBS 2TV ‘Happy Together 4’, which aired on the 15th, was starred by the four main characters of the movie ‘Yuyeol’s music album’ Kim Go-eun, Jung Hae-in, Kim Kuk-hee and Jung Yu-jin.

‘Yuyeol’s Music Album’ is a film that has attracted attention even before its release due to the meeting between melodies Kim Go-eun and Jeong Hae-in. On this day, Kim Go-eun and Jung Hae-in raised their expectations for the movie with a smiley chemistry.

Kim said, “I was so happy when I said that Jung Hae-in was cast.”

The two actors, Kemi, have already been verified in the drama ‘Devil’. Jung Hae-in appeared in Kim’s first love. Kim said, “I saw Eunjae’s cast, and I told the director that Euntaek sees a lot”. “The first image of Mr. Jung Hae-in was refreshing. “I have a temperament of an ordinary man.”

Jung Hae-in said of Kim Go-eun’s first impression, “I felt like a girl. Jung Hae-in also said, “I thought Kim Go-eun would have been tired of his busy schedule at the time, but he took care of me. I would like to meet him again next time.

Kim Go-eun and Jeong Hae-in’s chemistry was jealous of even Kim’s opponent. Kim Go-eun said, “When the staff members were shooting with Jung Hae-in, I laughed at my senior, saying that he laughed brightly.”

The two chemies shine not only in melodies but also in entertainment. In particular, Kim Go-eun introduced Jung Hae-in, “A fun style that is fun. If she compliments her, she doesn’t know her body.”

Actor Jung Hae-in, who became a melo artisan after hitting ‘Spring Night’, followed by ‘Spring Night’. On that day, Jung Hae-in revealed behind her casting ‘Pretty sister who buys rice well’, which made herself a national new year.

Jung Hae-in said, “I had a meeting with the director for about four hours. As time went on, I felt that the bishop looked good on me. Jung Hae-in also said about the time of shooting, “I was nervous for the first time. I was nervous when I was in the beginning of the drama. “Son Ye-jin senior cheered me to relax,” he said thank you.

In addition, Jung Hae-in recently received a meat birthday gift from Han Ji-min, who took a breath together in the popular drama “ Spring Night ”.

Jung Hae-in, who likes meat, is a meat-baking master that Hanjimin also acknowledged. Jung Hae-in, “I go to a restaurant to eat meat alone,” he also taught his own recipe for roasting meat.

In particular, Jung Hae-in attracted attention by revealing that she received a gift of ‘Gourmet Map’ written by Lee Young-young. He thanked Lee Young-ja, saying, “I wrote it by hand, especially for meat lovers.”

Kim Go-eun said, “It has been three years since the end of” Ghost, “but he is still close enough to meet at Gong Yoo, Dong Wook, Yoo In Na and Saseok.” Kim said, “I often go to Yu-in’s sister’s house. I recently had a meal with Lee Dong-wook, a share.”

“Actresses pretended to be more friendly in front of the camera when shooting ‘ghosts’,” he confessed. He said, “All the actors loved to play with me.”

Especially on this day, Kim Go-eun and Jung Hae-in showed their high level singing skills with sweet voice and received a hot applause.

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