On the 8th, KBS 2TV ‘Happy Together’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Haute 4’) was broadcasted on the 8th, Yoon Min-soo and Ben appeared as guests.

Yoon Minsu talked about the top of the chart alongside Ben. Yoon Min-soo said that he is now restructured not as the president but as the PD, and then “Ben practiced all day long from the trainees,” he said. Ben said, “It’s good to be in the first place, and you can listen to that much. You have someone waiting for me.”

Ben recently said that he received a gift from Yoon Minsu. Ben surprised everyone by saying that they were given a bouquet of $ 2 million bills at a musical performance.

Yoon Minsu said he saw the video uploaded by Ben and cast it himself. Yoon Min-su said he recalled Michael Jackson’s childhood voice from Ben and named it inspired by Michael Jackson’s “Ben” song.

Ben said he was cast as Bebe Mignon’s vocal because of Yoon Min-soo, and that was the first time he came to Seoul. And Ben surprised everyone by saying they had a third re-signed with the current company. Ben said he was impressed by Yoon Min-soo, who told him, “I’ll do it well. I’ll try it until the end.”

Ben surprised everyone by revealing that his song ‘Devotion’ was originally a vibe song. Ben was then introduced as an actor’s resemblance to the actor’s daughter.

Ben sang the song ‘Like a Dream’ and Jung Seung-hwan’s ‘If You were.’ Yoon Minsu instantly supported Ben’s song and admired everyone.

On that day, ‘Hato 4’ is featured as a ‘Christmas in August’, and Jung Jae-hyung, Kim Pil, and Jung Seung-hwan as guest guests, in addition to Yoon Min-soo and Ben. KBS 2TV ‘Happy Together 4’ will be broadcast every Thursday at 11:10 pm.

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