At the 29th and 30th sessions of the SBS ‘Hatch’ broadcast on January 1, Yeongeun-gun (Chung Il-woo) was pictured in pursuit of evil deeds of Miliwanggun Peat (Jungmunseong).

On this day, Yeon – gun – gun was called to Chu. Yeongeun Army claimed that he had never had any sympathy, and Seojong (Han Seung-hyun) tried to be a pro-sovereign, saying, “The witch must ask for your own sins.”

At that time, Min Jin – heon said, “I will not be able to take the preliminary to Min Jin – heon. In the past, Yeongeun-gun has met with Min Jin-hun alone and said, “May I be a politician who knows each other well if it is through May.

In the end, Min Jin-heon said, “The taxation officer has not been accused of anything like that.” I have known this fact for a long time, and I do not think it is the only one who knows about it. It is not a repetition, it is a state of coordination of the state that has removed the static by the charge without any obvious physical evidence. ”

After that, Yeonyeong-gun, “I was the last adventure on the edge of the cliff, I really did not know that the seats would catch my hand,” and Min-jinhun said, “I did not mean to help the decline. Now the same boat, cross this wave, and after that, I will push the drop again, as I said. ”

Park Moon – soo (Kwon – yeol) arrested Sang – bin Lee (Han Sang – jin) for the murder of Jung – seok Lee (Ilhilmo), and Yeonyeong – gun was moved to find evidence that Miltungwon peat had sent a letter of recommendation.

In the process, Yeongeun Iegum knew that the Dalmoon (Park) had entered the bottom of the Mulwoon Peat for himself, and met Miltongwon peat directly and pretended to be betrayed by the Moon.

In particular, Seongjong told Yeongeun Iegang, who came to see him, “You were the king of this country that was decided by the taxation system, not me or the dead, but you were the real master to stay in the king’s seat.” .

I was surprised to hear that Abamama said, “Do you want to hear that?” Soon-jong said, “So I set you up with detergent, so I wanted you to fail.” Zuma, cut off the politics of this damn revenge, and you can do what you did not do. ”

The Yeonyeong coal mine immediately tracked the Mili fugitive peat. In the meantime, the peat militant peats committed homicide in the court, and finally went to the seaman. Yeongeun – gun, a bumblebee, found a peat in front of a bell tower and shouted it as “burnt”.

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