In the 25th and 26th SBS drama ‘Hatch’ 25th and 25th, it was portrayed that Miltungwon peat (Jeongmun-seong min) drove Yeonyeong-gun (Jeong Ilwoo) into the corner.

On that day, the peat of the Miliwang Peoples made a plot to come to the throne, and an appeal was made to the Seongjong (Han Seung-hyun) that the Yeonyeong-gun had to clean the deputy. After seeing the sentence, Seo felt insecurity and began to watch out for Yeongeun.

In particular, the peat landed in Yeonyeong-gun and said, “The wind will blow away the deterioration. It is not a spring breeze, and the smell of blood smells.”

In addition, the Dalmoon (Park) lied to Yeon-gun for the purpose of Chun Yun-young. The Dal Moon learned that he knew he had raised an appeal. Yeon – gun – gun was firmly believed in the dialect without knowing English.

And he called the Yeon-gun army, and said, “I think this testimony is worthy.” Indeed, did you not get the hearts of the people in the Giroun and try to reform the injustice of the three? I’ll give you a clean air and give it to you, because I’ll be back behind you as everybody wishes. ”

Since then, Yeongeun-gun has committed a plaster sin to reverse the mind of Seo-jong. The Yeongeun Iegum did not stop the plaster crime even in the rainy night. On the following day, Chohong (Park Ji-yeon) said, “Please get up, and you will be hurt.” Yeonyeong-gun said firmly, “Go back.”

The queen of the person persuaded the seer, “I dare to say that I know the mind of the subject, the mind of deterrence, the fear that the subject may always be abolished, I do not know how to do that. ”

However, the peat of the Miliwang Peace was tied up with the Sangbangju (Han Sangjin), and the two of them exchanged the Yeonyeong Mangwang by sending a letter of exchange. Seojong was angry when he heard that the high-value books had been taken, and immediately went to Yeongeun-gun, a penitentiary for plastering.

In the end, Seojong said, “But I tried to believe you, you could be my brother, not my queen.” You tried to point me at the knife.

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