In the SBS monthly drama ‘Hatch’ (5th and 6th) broadcasted on the 18th, the Yeongeun-gun (Chung Il-woo) revealed the crime of murdering Miliwanggun peat (Jeongmunseong).

On this day, Lee Seung-suk (Lee, Phil) claimed that Miltungwon Peat claimed murder and said, “I have seen past exams in the name of no-Taepyeong. However, Ii (Kim Jong-su) was nailed to bring his work.

At this time, the Yeonyeong coal mine appeared, and he claimed that he was free, but Lee did not easily accept it. Fortunately, the Yeongeun Army took a leap with the goat (Goa) in preparation for this. Yeoji (Goa) caught up with Yeomyeong-gun (gok-seok), who had been given a license to Mihwoon-gun, along with Moon-soo Park (Kwon).

She took her to the affairs office. In addition, the Yeongeun Iegum called for exile and said, “The royal family and the prisoners have never been punished for their sins, and because of the generosity of the national law, they have killed innocent people. I will reveal the justice, and I will make an atonement by paying the price. ”

In addition, a rumor spread about Yeongeun count. “The military envoy anticipated this, and he told me to prepare for me by attacking him and neutralizing his testimony,” he said.

In particular, Min Jin-heon met Yeon-gun and said, “The cooperative and the Noron are ready to join the age group. There is, “he suggested.

Yeonyeong-gun said, “What am I to do, what is it to do? Tell me, I will do anything,” and Min Jin-heon said, “Please withdraw your testimony. said.

“I do not want to do that,” said Min-jinhun. “Do you want to throw away the age group?” When the door opened, the age group would die.

In addition, Sukjong (Kim Kap Su) secretly called Lee and said, “Yeonyeong, not age group, I believe that the child should be king.”

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