In the SBS drama ‘Hatch’ broadcasted on the 18th, the King Seojeum (Jung Il Woo) and Yeoji (Goa), who overcame the crisis, expressed their sadness toward each other.

Iga (Chung Il Woo) was in a crisis. He was accused of defying the ‘death penalty’ with the operation of Min Jin-heon (Lee Kyung-young).

In the end, the detergent had to walk directly to the hanseong region without any words or words. The criticism of the people toward the detention continued and the room ran, but I had to stop at the restraint of the Dalmun (Park Hoon).

Sorong’s Cho Tae-gu (Woo-jeong) came to the tide. Min Jin-heon said, “We will have to make concessions to Se-sen, and we will get up and get up.” Noron’s Kim Chang-jung said, “I was crazy.” Lee said, “It is not the time to do this.

Joe Tae-gu persuaded the prosecution to “give taxpayers and avoid confusion.” Kim Chang-jung and Lee-kyu learned that Min-jinhun and the rest of the Noron and Soron gathered strength.

At the spot where all the prime ministers gathered, the seer did not appear. Seo has gone to the detained money. Lee said, “I will be responsible.” But Seo said, “Only the qualified ones are responsible. The king of this country is me.”

The detergent cigarette attended the Kirokai. What the bell commanded. “I will not tolerate anything related to the abolition of taxation,” said Seo. Minjunhun said, “The detergent refused to know even if he knew the main subject.”

At the same time, Yigum said in front of the men of Girookan, “There are men who have land, but the people are paying for labor. Why is the country walking even the harsh taxes on the people? The people sympathized with tears.

“I will put the taxes of the earth on the master of the land,” he said. Rather, he spoke out of his words to raise the rebellion of the bosses.

Seokseong asked why he did it, but Yegum said, “It was a detergent for a while, so I could say it, and that alone was enough time for me.”

The complaints of the two men became bigger. However, there was also a wall of people who defended the tax system. Beside it, there was a lady who proved her status. The number of lions increased to hundreds and thousands.

She told Lee to be a lady of the Palace. Yegum said, “When she becomes a lady, she goes to the top of the line.” But she said, “I am very good at cooking. “I really want to protect it,” she said. Yegum approached the ranch to kiss.

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