On the afternoon of the afternoon of the afternoon, KBS2 performing arts program “Hi” (“hello”), the casting of singer Chae Yeon, the weather caster River Alain.

The first story was about a mother who was too interfering even after she became an adult. When asked about his experience, Chae Yeon answered, “I made a lot of sanctions. I keep calling even after 10 pm.” Yeonhun said, “I was curfing until 8 pm When the class ends, the phone rings every 30 minutes. But when asked whether he had broken the time, he answered, “Yes,” and laughed.

“I was invited by my mother to go out for a drink, but my mom was at the place of promise first. I invited my friends to a place where I could not ask about my whereabouts,” she said. I also manage to meet same-sex friends. ” But my mother said, “I think it is natural to crack down. I want to crack down until I get married.

However, her mother often entered the house at dawn because of the many gatherings. “My daughter is really nice and a schoolboy,” she said. My mother even made me feel frustrated by saying ‘I do not care what my daughter’s friendship is like’. The finalists also encouraged actors to change their thoughts aggressively, but even until the end they said, “I can not go outside and I do not want to drink.” This story received 154 votes.

Next, the story of a son who gave his father an alcohol errand was introduced. My father said, “It was my first time in my junior high school when I was drinking with my friends. I thought I was not drinking afterwards, but there was a case going to the police station after drinking in the neighborhood.” I ask you to buy me a drink and a cigarette. ”

The son acknowledged all the facts and said, “My dad first offered to do so,” he said, “I will not be able to quit drinking honestly.” “In the past, while drinking alcohol in a karaoke room, my father came in and beat my cheek in front of my friends. My father said, “I thought that I should give my soul a good deal when I was in love. I did not hit it after that.”

My father told me stories about my divorce and my daughter’s life and death. The problem was communication. The son did not respond to his father’s conversation attempts. Lee said to his son, “Because I think I’ll hit you again,” Lee said, “My father’s violence was once, and you are cigarette smoking and cigarette.”

Chae Yeon said, “My mother is really hot, but she does not have fingerprints when I look at her hands. Her mother used to cook at the hotel, but she did not know that she worked hard during puberty.” So far, I was really sorry that I had not known these years. ”

The son finally said to his father, “I will do better in the future,” and then said “I love you”. When he said that he loved him in his son ‘s mouth, his father immediately poured his tears into his eyes and said, “I am the first to say that he loves his son.” This story got 170 votes.

On the other hand, KBS2 ‘Hello’ is broadcast every Monday at 11:10 pm.

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