He was very good to his boyfriend but he was worried about his girlfriend who had a lot of obsession and jealousy. My girlfriend was overly concerned with letting her boyfriend take off her clothes and lift the bag. However, the man said that the unwanted favor is not goodwill, and he feels that the desired part is not received at all.

My girlfriend was recognized for beauty at the same time. However, there is no friends between men and women, and I have no honor. My girlfriend was also jealous of SNS activities and she did not guarantee privacy because she had to share her mobile phone password.

The troubles of the boyfriend who suffered from the uneasiness of the girlfriend continued, and eventually the girlfriends (girlfriends) of the problem appeared in the studio. The girlfriend finally relieved at the honest remarks of her husband ‘s prospects, but she became acquainted with the attentive boyfriend’ s face and her face suddenly darkened.

My girlfriend was a problem with very low self-esteem. Appearance complex was deeply attached to his boyfriend. As the MCs and the guests’ comforts continued, the girlfriend eventually weeped, and the one who could raise her self – esteem was a boyfriend.

Confessing, my boyfriend also tears and confirmed each other’s true hearts.

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