Ryan Gold (Kim Jae-wook) met with his mother-in-law, Gong Eun-young (writer Isol, Lee Il-hwa), in the 13th TVN drama “Her Private Life”

On the day, Ryan and Seongdeok mi (Park Min-young) confronted Cha Si-ae (Jeongseewon) and Gong Eun-young in Ryan’s house elevator. Cha Xian introduced his mother to Ryan, and Ryan said, “I’ll see you soon”. “It is not a strange kid,” said Eun – young. 

Afterwards, Ryan said, “I have restored the damaged paintings,” calling out to the tea ceremony coming down from the elevator, and Iseol looked at Ryan and made an unknown face.  

Meanwhile, Seongdeok mi got a hint about Lee Solsol while preparing for the exhibition. I saw a college graduation picture of a writer with a style similar to that of Isole. Inside, there was a picture of her mother, Gong Eun-young. Seong Deok Mei said, “It might be just like the style, but I thought that if she was a mother of Chan Si-chan.” 

Cha Xian (Jung Won-won) asked Ryan to give her mom time to look at the exhibition. So, Ryan and Seongdeokmu have been restored and prepared a picture of the restored artist.

Gong Eun-young was blushing when he saw his painting. Seongdeok Mei followed behind Eunyoung who went to the restroom and said, “I have seen a similar style of Izol painting in the college graduation exhibit.” “I do not want to say it now,” said Gong Eun-young.

Cha Xian told Ryan: “My mother may ask my brother to inform me that my mother may hate to exhibit her paintings, for her unhappy mother, to make her dream come true. I have a name for my mom. “

Ryan was shocked, and he remembered his childhood past, looking at him. Ryan said, “I feel a bit strange, I have not been able to find a clue in the past three years, and I suddenly appear in front of me, so I do not feel real, I seem to lie and I can not figure out my mind.” .  

Afterwards, Sung Duk Mi asked Ryan, “Let’s find our real birthday.” Ryan said, “I thought about it last night, and when I first saw it, I wondered why.” I also want to move forward.

Ryan pressed the bell on the house in Chassie. Then Eunyoung came out, and Ryan took him to his house, saying, “I have something to show.” Ryan showed pictures of the artist in his room. 

Gong Eun-young said, “Xian has heard it, and the boss likes it too. Ryan said, “You remember, you name it Yoonje, I’m Yoonjae.    

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