In the 9th episode of tvN TV drama ‘Her Private Life’ (Playwright Kim Hye-young, Director Hong Jong-chan) broadcasted on May 8, Ryan Gold (Kim Jae-wook) and Seongdeok Mi (Park Min Young) were drawn.

Ryan Gold was shocked when he was not able to confess to Sung Duk-mi and ended his fake romance. Sung Deuk Mi also made a good line to Ryan Gold first, but he was distressed by the growing mind. Ryan Gold and Sung Duk-pyeong made the trouble with alcohol.

Seongdeokmi dreamed of throwing someone ‘s hand in childhood and awoke from sleep. Seongdeok Mei wrote ‘End’ in the KakaoTalk profile and hinted at the relationship. Lee Sun-ju (Park Jin-joo) advised Sung Duk-mi, “Do not touch SNS or KakaoTalk profile pictures in the future.” Seongdeok Mei was embarrassed to see Ryan Gold and the Most Inn (Hong Seo Young) in front of the museum. The museum staff worried about the awkward airflow of Sung Duk Mi and Ryan Gold. The employees misunderstood that Ryan Gold was having an affair because of most people.

Ryan Gold wanted to make sure of his relationship with Seongdeok Mi. Ryan Gold invited Seong Deok Mi separately. Ryan Gold said, “What does that mean yesterday? Do you want to finish it? Fake love? “I asked. SeongDuk Mei said, “I’ll do it anyway. He did not say that the patch was gone. ” “Why is that really so? I abandoned him right before confessing. Ryan Gold and Sung Duck-mi went on a nervous break.

At that time, Seongdeok My parents came to the museum. When Sung Duk tried to send his parents, Ryan Gold caught his parents, saying, “I have not had lunch yet.” Ryan Gold eats tears as he eats Kimbab, which is full of Cheongyang red pepper. Seongdeok Mee smiled and laughed at Ryan Gold. Seongdeok mi mother Ko Young Sook (Kim Mi-kyung) presented her own doll to Ryan Gold.

Mum Hye-soon (Kim Sun-young) The former director was sleeping in the museum. She was very proud to see her daughter, Cindy, who works hard at the art gallery.

It is said that Nam Eun-ki (Ahn Boo-hyun) was not in the gap between Sung Duk Mi and Ryan Gold from Ko Young Sook. I was disappointed in the attitude of Ko Young Sook, who regarded himself as a real son. The rest of the night grabbed a snack last night and found a house in the castle. The remaining group heard the truth of Sung Deok Mi toward Ryan Gold and was distressed.

In order to appease the agonizing mind, SeongDeKeMe has opened a chat room on his homepage ‘Xian My Way’ homepage. Sung Deok Mei chatted with Ryan Gold, who hid his identity as a nickname “latte” in his chat room. Ryan Gold said, “There are people who like to work. It’s not a crush. Whenever I see me, I smile brightly, I forgive my mistakes, and my parents look good on me. So I tried to make a confession to develop the relationship, but suddenly let’s stop. ” Sung Duk-mi said, “I guess Lattie’s heart was a burden to her opponent. It is better to fold the confession then, “he advised. Ryan Gold chewed the words of Sung Deok Mi.

Sung Duk Mee is deleting the photo of Ryan Gold, and Ryan Gold is worried about applying to quit ‘Xian My Way’ homepage. The next day, Seongdeokmi saw the children playing with soap bubbles and remembers Ryan Gold. Sungdeok Mee was more interested in the virtue of Cha Si-an. Ryan Gold was jealous when he met Cha Xian.

Seongdeok Mei came to check the sample of the tea cyanide rods before meeting the most people. Ryan Gold headed to the house, which is the most apart from Sung Duk-mi. Seongdeokmi was lonely, staring at the most innocent and Ryan Gold ‘s flirtatious appearance, and Cha Xian revealing his fancies to the most innocent people. Seongdeok Mee was preparing for refreshment and broke his plate while breaking his feet.

Seongdeok Mei went to the furniture studio with the request of the most people. Sung Duk Mi shed a tear reminiscent of a moment when she was confused with Ryan Gold at a furniture studio. Seong Deok Mei expressed his heart to the message left by Ryan Gold under the name “Latte”. Seongdeokmi said, “I did not confess because I was afraid I would be hurt. Why do not you take your courage once more? “

Sung Duk Mee met Ryan Gold at the furniture studio. Sungdukmi said, “Sir. I really did not want to ask, but what was so difficult? It’s a fake relationship with me. I was excited and good, “he said. Ryan Gold said, “I did not want to be fake. I really want to do it. ” 

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